COVID-19 Update: Suspension of Off-Campus Trips

Dear Community,

Following on Sal’s note to the community yesterday regarding the collective decision taken by the Bali International Heads of School Association (BHOSA) to cancel Bali School Sports Association (BSSA) events beginning yesterday, we are writing to inform you that the Green School Bali Executive Committee (GSEC) taken the decision to cancel or postpone all other off-campus trips as well – this includes Jalan Jalan, Field Trips, Camps and Service Trips.

This is going to be very disappointing for many and we haven’t taken this decision lightly.

Specifically with regard to the Service Trips, we believe it is prudent to make this decision now given potential disruptions to modes of domestic transportation that could come with little warning and that travel by bus, ferry and airplane involves crowded terminals and long periods of close contact with other travellers in confined spaces.

Camps, service trips, field trips and off-campus Jalan Jalans are part of the fabric of the school year. We are all feeling disappointed that we cannot offer these experiences for the time being. Our duty of care for our students and for our teachers must come first and we make this decision only after very careful consideration, advice received and from an abundance of caution. Other international schools on island have taken the same decision over the past 48 hours, as well.

We ask the community to accept this decision respectfully. There will be many opinions on whether or not this is the right thing to do. We are working on the information we have at hand, not knowing exactly how things will unfold from here. We needed to make a call, and we have made it.

We will continue to keep you apprised of other adjustments to our existing campus-wide safety protocols. We are grateful for your support and partnership in helping our students and community stay healthy, positive, learning, and thriving.


Green School Executive Committee

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