Cross Country event info for athletes and spectators

Hello Garuda fans,

Please see the attached document that was sent out to other schools, it has most of the information you need to know.  Here are some additional details to keep in mind:


-Meet at the gym no later than 7:45 if you plan to do the optional walkthrough, 8:30 at the gym if not.

-Uniforms will be given to you before the race.  They MUST be returned after you change when you finish the race, this will be recorded and tracked by Pak Garrett.

-Water bottles, sun protection, proper pre/post race nutrition, preparation, stretching, hydration, hydration, hydration, are all necessities!  Also, did we mention not to forget to HYDRATE?


-The races begin at 9:00 am sharp.  Feel free to come earlier to enjoy some refreshments, but please remember to stay off of the field (which will be marked).

-Don’t forget to cheer for all participants and have fun!

GS Teacher and Student Spectators:

-Please come one come all to cheer on our athletes and the athletes from other schools to create an awesome environment!

-Please stay off the field, but feel free to line everywhere else and get appropriately rowdy, face paint and chants welcomed.

*Please note: This is a whole island BSSA event and appropriate behavior is expected, good sportsmanship is appreciated, and fun is a must!  There is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior which will result in removal from the event for anyone who displays it.  

See you this Thursday!  Garudas… AYO!

Best regards,

Pak Garrett

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