Cultural Explorations

Dear Parents,

We started off the week with an inspiring visit to Grade 1A. The Starlings visited them once last semester and it was exciting to see our friends again. They have been learning about the human body and they wanted to teach us how to make our fingerprints using pencil, tape and paper. Each Starling was paired up with a friend from Grade 1A and the older student patiently instructed how to complete the project. Following this engaging activity, our friends read books to us from their classroom library. Since everyone was having such a wonderful time, the teachers invited us to stay for a science lesson. There were 10 bottles of unidentified liquids and the children had to smell them, describe how it smelled and try to guess the contents of the bottle. Thank you very much to Ibu Amanda and everyone from Grade 1A. We are already planning another adventure together. There is so much learning that occurs when you mix children together of varied ages.

This week, during our meaningful Morning Circle discussions, we started talking about Indonesia and wondered how many islands there are in Indonesia and how many different cultures. This conversation was sparked by the visit of the Dayak tribe from Kalimantan as well as the Lakota tribe from the United States. Each student guessed how many islands there are and the closest estimate was 20,000.

Lakota Tribe

Dayak Tribe

How many islands are in Indonesia?

Our “A to Z Adventure” thematic lesson has come to an end after six weeks…our longest unit of the year. It was a joy to observe how engaged and excited the children were for our alphabet stories and journals. Next week, we will embark on our final thematic unit entitled, “Planet Earth and Beyond”. We are looking forward to exploring outer space with the planets, stars, moon and astronauts. We found many books in the Library today to support our new thematic unit and the children have already begun discussing the planets. Many thanks to Ibu Kara for being our Mystery Guest this week. This was Ibu Annie’s last week in Pre-K Starlings. She will move on to Kindergarten as she continues to gather research on our Early Years program. It has been an absolute pleasure having her join our class and we will miss her.

Next Wednesday, May 24, is our Indonesian Assembly. It will begin at 9:00 am and take place in front of the pirate ship on our playground. School will be closed next Thursday, May 25, in observance of a national holiday. The Early Years Potluck Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6 from 8:15 – 9:30 am. We look forward to seeing you soon. Can you believe there are only four more weeks of school!?!? Thank you for sharing such a magical year with us.

Best wishes,

Starlings Team


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