December 1 2016 Issue


….What is their role in the global environmental sustainability discussion?

This question permeated the day at the Sustainable Innovations Forum (SIF) in Marrakesh, Morocco as part of the United Nations COP 22 events of the past month.  SIF is a side conference to COP focused on innovations, mostly in green technologies. It’s held mainly for business leaders and policy makers.

And it was Green School students who spurred the discussion around this complex and, at times, controversial question. The chairperson Erik Solheim of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), sponsor of COP22 and SIF, gave a remarkably simple yet profound sentiment in his opening keynote address: climate change will not be solved until it is an everyday discussion around every kitchen table around the world.

Looking around at our students in the audience, he further remarked: Educating children is the best tool to use to help them bring that discussion to the forefront. In a room full of innovators with their solutions on display, no one else with a microphone was talking about innovative education and supporting it.  So Green School’s students, the only students invited to this event, asked the important questions to CEOs and policymakers at the highest levels of these organisations: How did they feel that their policies and decision were including the voice of the youth?  How are you communicating with the youth?  Do you have channels to know what the youth want?

A common counterpoint to youth involvement related to the perception that youth are always activists and do not always engage diplomatically; demanding rather than listening; publically shaming verses acting and speaking with diplomacy due to a lack of skills and depth of knowledge.  But are activism and policy level engagement mutually exclusive? Should students only be allowed to engage when they are ready to come to the table with policy makers at their level?  Surely, the youth must learn how to engage thoughtfully and respectfully, but global leaders too have a role to meet the youth at the table of understanding as well.

These questions and discussions were preceded by a topic even more basic.  What defines “youth” in this engagement?  Youth, as it was generally referred to in these forums included university-aged students. We know, however, that it must include those much younger as well. Green School in uniquely poised to lead the way and provide some solutions and answers to these profound questions on youth engagement.

What we do know, and what our students showed, is that the mission of the Green School in the global context must first be one of overall humility that begins with service to the local community and then to global action; from local to global.  Deciding how that action looks is the next inspiring step for our community of learners to take.

-Ibu Leslie

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S


7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.15am | Meditation | Yoga Studio

8.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field

2.15pm | Assembly | Sangkep

2-6pm | Japan Fest | Warung Area

3.30pm | Basketball


8.30am | Jungle Run | Meet @ Freak Coffee


8.15am | Yoga: Intermediate Vinyasa | Yoga Studio

8.45am | Bio Bus Tour (see white board for updates) | Meet at Freak Coffee

4pm | Gamelan | Music Room


7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.30-10am | Parent Education | Upstairs Warung

3.30-4.30pm | KKC Gardening | KKC Community Garden


8.15am | Yoga: Beg/Int Hatha | Yoga Studio

4pm | Gamelan | Music Room


7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.15am | Meditation | Yoga Studio

8.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field

2.30pm | Assembly | Sangkep

2-5pm | LAST Farmers Market of the Season | Warung Area

3.30pm | Basketball

All upcoming events can also be viewed on:

  1. Green School Website: Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17) and click on GS Community Events Calendar

  2. Or, GS Parents Association FB Group

W H A T ‘ S   O N

Japan Fest THIS Friday

“JapanFest” is Friday, December 2nd, from 2 to 6pm, Japan will take over the Green School campus again with food and drinks (sushi, Japanese style fried / charcoal grilled chicken, shaved ice, green tea, sake, ume-syu), artisan market with origami + original bamboo chopsticks, activities, tea ceremony, and Japanese games.

Last year’s “Eat Japan” event was a smashing success that raised 6 million RP to help a village affected by the fires in Kalimantan. GS Japanese community members are ambitious to break the record this year! The money will support Kalimantan as well as the marimba fundraiser. More information on Green School Parent’s Facebook.


What if Kids Could Change the World?

It’s well known by now that Green School students are changemakers. But a new 50 minute documentary created by ARTE France for TED Stories shows that our students have the power to make a meaningful difference. Check out the video above featuring interviews from John Hardy, Orin Hardy, and staff and students from Green School Bali as they explore how some of our young activists and entrepreneurs can change the world. The film features interviews with Melati and Isabel Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, showing just one of the many environmental crisis Bali faces. For more information on their latest achievements you can find more in their latest newsletter issue.

13 Days Left to Help Launch Green School Stories

We’re so excited to be the star of a new documentary! Please consider supporting our friends producing the Green School Film and share the director’s Kickstarter with your friends.

Bali in Pictures

Ibu Kiley and 12 middle schools students used their Jalan Jalan time in Block One to travel around Bali taking photos to tell “Visual Stories” of the people and places they saw. The goal was to try to show some of the diversity that exists on this island through images. Students used their Bahasa skills to communicate with local people and applied their own creative eye to the photography.

Check out their magazine, a collection of the images and stories the students and I captured over the 5 week period.

Book the Bio Bus Over Break

Now you can have all your adventures on the cleanest bus on the island. From the last day of school until the first week of January, our buses are available. It can be used for family trips, overnight excursions, for pickup and drop off anywhere in Bali – as well as night services and airport transport service for groups. During this period of time our timetable will be 100% flexible, that means we will adapt to all your requests. Capacity is 16 adults per bus. We currently have 3 buses available.

How to Book the Bio Bus for the break:

  1. Email with your request 24 hours before the service including… – Contact person – Contact number – Destination (Link in google maps) – Itinerary / Timetable (Dates and pick up and drop off times) – Number of passengers

  2. Based on availability, you will get confirmation and the cost of the service as an attachment

  3. Finally, one of our drivers will contact you to set up details for the service

F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

French Pastry Class

This Saturday at 4:30pm, in Monsieur Spoon UBUD, Pak Francis has helped organize a cultural experience! If you would like to join, email to confirm your presence. First come, first served – there are only 12 slots maximum so sign up quickly. If there are more people interest, he will be arrange another session sometime soon. Merci!

Donate, No Waste!

When was the last time you shopped in KemBali? The thrift shop has been keeping the program as well as the world sustainable. Everything in the shop is donated by Green School families. We offer solutions to maintain the reuse cycle as long as possible, prevent over-consumerism, and reduce our carbon footprint by buying ‘legacy’ stuff. All of the money from the shop goes to the local community through education. We are going to have other ‘KemBali’ facilities in schools around Sibang Kaja and Ubud; however, we need to cover the cost in order to make it happen.

So, before the year ends, we encourage you to start sorting your belongings! Anytime KemBali is open, drop your unwanted and old goods to KemBali. Your stuff might be treasure to others!

KemBali operational hours: Monday – Friday, 8.00 – 3.00

Rice Cycle In Motion

Last Saturday marked the first day of KKC’s Rice Cycle Course. The KKC team together with an eager group of friends, students, and parents went to paddy fields to dip our feet into the muddy fields.

In this course, we seek to implement a more sustainable way of planting rice through a method called System of Rice Intensification. It is a climate-smart, agroecological methodology for increasing the productivity of rice by changing the management of plants, soil, water and nutrients. The main idea of SRI is based on the cropping principles of significantly reducing plant population, improving soil conditions and irrigation methods for root and plant development, and improving plant establishment methods.

It has been proven that SRI is more beneficial than the conventional method. The benefits have been demonstrated in over 50 countries, consisting of 20%-100% increased yields, up to 90% reduction in required seed, and up to 50% water savings. It clearly is a perfect way for “a community of learners making our world sustainable” to learn about the life cycle of rice!

Dec 6 – Last Ukulele Club Class … for now

Ukeladies and Gentlestrums, Tuesday 6th December will be the last Ukulele Club after school class… for now. The uke club will be back soon with a different format and some restrictions may apply. Please contact Pak Alex and Pak Francis for further information if you are interested in continuing. Thanks for coming and keep on strumming!

Eve Ensler + Monique Wilson’s Visit

As a last-minute addition to an already amazing week of events, Green School was honoured to welcome Eve Ensler and Monique Wilson on campus last Friday! Activist, playwright, performer, dancer, and all-around inspirational being, Ensler is best known for her authorship of the Vagina Monologues, and for founding the V-Day movement that combines art and activism to raise awareness to demand an end to men’s violence against women and girls.

Green School High School has acknowledged V-Day and hosted a series of workshops, events and performances each year since the first One Billion Rising campaign in 2013. That is why it was especially exciting for Green School to welcome Monique Wilson, director of the One Billion Rising campaign worldwide. Wilson spoke to students, teachers and parents about her background as a performer and about the campaign itself and why it is so imperative to rise in solidarity in 2017.

V-Day at Green School 2013-2016

Green School high school teachers and students were able to share stories from VDays in the past with both Ensler and Wilson.

Inspired by the words of these two intrepid activists, community members at Green School are now even more determined to make 2017 the biggest rise the community has ever seen. We plan to rise in solidarity to support all those seeking justice both here on Bali and beyond. At Green School we understand the intersection between men’s violence against women and environmental injustice. Through dance, activism, poetry, performance and education, we will rise to disrupt the system to demand change!

To learn how you can be a part of the movement this year, contact or

Bamboo U: Design and Build Course

Interested in joining Bamboo U with The Kul Kul Farm and Ibuku this Feb 17th -28th. Learn more about it. Watch the Bamboo U Video above!

Bookings open:

P E   &   S P O R T S

THIS WEEK: House Volleyball Finals | Friday 9 December 2016 | at the Gym Period 1 (8.45-9.35) – Grades 1-3 games Period 2 (9.35-10.25) – Grades 4 & 5 games Lunch (12.15-13.15) – Highschool games Period 5 (13.15-14.15) – Middleschool games

SEE PE and Sport Blog for the Weekly Roundup!

G R E E N  S C H O O L  P A R E N T S  A S S O C I A T I O N

Marimba Madness

Being dubbed “The Green School Party of the Year” …’s how it rolled

The Sangkep was full to the brim with our wonderful GS Community, Ibu Jan & the Marimba bands played while we danced with joy. Quiz Master Pak Jade bent our minds with extremely Indonesian-centric trivia. Ibu Kadek & Living Food Lab fed us with delicious food, the Marim-bar team kept the drinks flowing, the auctions sold, the raffle was drawn, Pak Francis did David Bowie, Pak Camilo won the dance off, the teachers team won the Trivia (I should think so!) and International Guest MC ‘Patsy’ kept the night rocking & the laughs coming!

AND thanks to the incredible generosity of all…Green School now owns its own Marimba Set and classes will resume next Semester. The last of the Raffle will be drawn at Friday’s Assembly – bring you ticket stubs. The Silent Auction will remain open till Wednesday 7th Dec (Notice Board near LFL in Café area).

Next GSPA Meeting

Friday 27th January – Sangkep @ 8.30am

Agenda: Welcome to New Parents Next GSPA Fundraising Venture

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please go to the GSPA Charter tab on the GS Website Parent’s Page, and click “Request an Agenda Item” Alternatively email

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