Deconstruction and Decimals Eruption!

Hello, Grade 5 Parents!

After an extended Nyepi weekend, it was nice to reflect the satisfaction of finishing our construction thematic (which culminated with the Ogoh Ogoh parade).  There was not much time for reminiscing; however, as we had to move on to new and exciting activities.

Having finished our Harris Burdick-inspired stories, we moved on to a new literacy unit:  Media literacy.  To begin, we investigated the target audience for different media types (e.g., tv shoes, billboards, magazine ads, etc.).  We then critically examined the overt and implied messages, which was a neat tie-in to our previous unit on making inferences. Afterward, we explored the persuasive ideas of ethos, pathos, and logos.  We will continue with this last topic for most of next week as we analyze different advertisements.

In Numeracy, following hot on the heels of our last topic, fractions, we began a new unit on decimals.  The students had the most fun on Wednesday when they made paper airplanes, then competed to see whose could go farthest.  They had to write their distances in terms of meters with decimals, then rank the distances to compare the whole numbers and decimals, as well as get used to counting by hundredths of a unit.

Our Deconstruction thematic began this week with more discussion of advertisements. To begin, we investigated how line and colour can communicate feelings.  We extended on this understanding by creating some art modeled on a painting by Wassily Kandinsky while listening to various pieces of music.   We then looked at different company logos and why they use the lines, shapes, and colours that they do.  Mid-week, students created their own logos, expressing their own identity, using the knowledge they’d gained.  Next week we will actually deconstruct various household objects and trace back their materials to the source.

Other exciting events this week included: Having our final teman teman with the starlings,

watching three of our Grade 5 students perform in the Primary student band,

and playing educational video games that taught about internet safety.

We’re already looking forward to all the action next week! If you haven’t already, please check the schedule for Student-Led Conferences that are taking place Friday, March 22nd.

Have an excellent and relaxing weekend!

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team


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