Disney and Airplanes

This week the children were introduced to three different historical figures; first was Walt Disney and second was The Wright Brothers. They learned that Walt Disney dreamed of making children happy therefore he built his animation studio and created Mickey Mouse and the rest of his friends. After talking about Walt Disney, the children drew their own favorite Disney characters. Then the children learned a brief story about the inventors of airplanes which are Orville and Wilbur Brothers. They found out that at first people made fun of The Wright Brothers when they let them know that they dreamed of making people fly. However, they did not give up and eventually managed to build the world’s first airplane. The discussion then followed by the children making paper airplanes. These stories helped the children to get the idea of future hopes and dreams and how they need to do something to reach them.

On Thursday morning the Starlings darlings visited Kindy to have a play-date. They played in our class as well as ate snack during snack time. The Kindys did a great job at taking care of the Starling children; explaining the classroom rules and sharing while playing. We sure hope that we could visit the Starling class one day too!

See you next week! Kindy Team

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