Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the world’s problems? Want to make a difference but don’t know where, or how, to start? On January 14, Green School will be hosting a free workshop for our budding change-makers to overcome mindset hurdles, find opportunities in the messiest of challenges, and turn passion into action.

High school students and GS parents are welcome to join this one day workshop.

In one action-packed day, you will: 1) Discover the most critical challenges facing our planet and the people solving them. 2) Overcome limiting beliefs, learn to see systems for their interconnectedness, and adopt a Can Do mindset. 3) Commit to a challenge and sketch a roadmap to meet it. 4) Harness your genius to better understand who you are, and who you must become, to step into your power.

This session will run from 8:30am to 3:30pm, with lunch and snacks to keep you fuelled. Open to all Green School High School students and GS parents are very welcome!

Click here to register and find out more:

Space TBD. Register early at the link above to secure your seat!

Your hosts Clover Since graduating from Green School in 2016, Clover has worked in Silicon Valley at headline-grabbing startup Impossible Foods, led campaigns for int’l social enterprise Leaders’ Quest, and consulted big business from Volans Ventures in London. Her pet obsession is nurturing young leadership, and she is now developing her own programmes to empower the emerging generation to realise their potential.

Janet Ex-movie actress, ad agency owner, real estate developer and mother of three, Janet has found her calling as a coach and founder of her signature, step by step self-discovery process, The 5th Door. Rebadged for Green School seniors as “Life Beyond the Bamboo Bubble”, Janet now hosts this breakthrough program at her venue Saratoga, in Bali.


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