Do you know what is 1 Tonne Of CO2e look like?

Picture a football field, and then imagine a round balloon with one end lined up on the goal line and the other on the 10 yards line. That is, a balloon with a diameter of 10 yards. If that balloon were filled with CO2, it would weigh about 1 ton; it would be a 1 Tonne CO2e balloon!

Carbon Zero Numbers Update:

  1. 966 people have joined the Carbon Zero programme since 3 weeks ago

  2. 30% already of them started to calculate their carbon footprint for their daily Green School commute

  3. 693 Kg/CO2e mitigation from community

  4. 168 User beat the benchmark

Do you have The Carbon Zero Sticker yet? Please take your sticker at THE PROJECT HUB. Do you know where is it? Come by and say hi to us in the Project Hub (just across the Kitchen)

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