Dreaming of Peace

Happy International Peace Day!

Happy International Peace Day! On September 21st Kindy celebrated Peace Day by painting peace signs on some rocks found around the classroom. They talked about what ‘peace’ meant and what ‘peace’ meant to them. We all agreed that when we are kind, gentle, share, and listen we would create peace. For the DREAM thematic, the children had the opportunity to participate in an impromptu drama about the story behind dream-catchers with Ibu Kiara. Then the children made some dream-catchers using bamboo loops that were made by Pak Kadek and his team, ribbons, strings, wooden beads, and feathers.

Nicolas: Wow! Look at the stars!

Neylan: Ibu Kadek, here are some mint leaves for you

In Science class, Ibu Kiara transformed the classroom’s library corner into a dark room where children could create stars-looking lights by making small holes on the bottom of a paper cup and illuminate the inside part using a torch. The children shared stories and fairy-tales while lying down inside the dark room. In Green Studies, the children explored our class garden and picked up some mint leaves. Then Pak Brett took them to the kitchen to give the mint leaves so the cooks could use them.

Nika: Kepala, pundak, lutut, kaki

In Bahasa Indonesia class, Ibu Yulia introduced the children to the names of human body parts through the ‘Kepala Pundak Lutut Kaki‘ song which followed by making a face art using pebbles and dried leaves. In Budaya Indonesia class, Ibu Krisna introduced the children to a traditional Indonesian handicraft form of weaving called ‘menganyam’ using dried coconut leaves. In cooking class, the children cooked some delicious mashed potato!

Next week (Thursday September 29th) Kindy is going to visit Yellow Coco Creative Nest in Ubud at 9 am. If you haven’t signed the permission slip, please check the email sent last week.

Hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend!

Sincerely, Kindy Team


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