Early Years and Primary Parents Info Session

Dear Primary Parents,

You’re Invited to an Early Years/Primary Parent Info Session and Q&A – September 7, 2018 at 1 PM in the Early Years Classroom (just across the crystal).

Come get R.E.A.L.* with us at our next neighborhood parent info session. We’ll dive in on the evolution of our current and future programme.

Here’s how you can be involved and informed:

  1. Before the session, send your feedback on the start of the year directly to our team.  Use this Family Survey to make your opinion count.

  2. Join us for our first parent session of the year— on September 7, 2018 at 1pm in the Early Years Classroom. We’ll talk about:

  3.  ways we build community and get to know our learners.

  4.  Future improvements to the way we communicate with you, from report cycles and conferences to ongoing parent events and opportunities for community involvement.

Last year’s end of year parent session

  1. You asked for it! Please click here to read the last year’s end of year parent session, which foreshadowed the strategic developments we’re focused on now.

*Did you know the Green School Community has it’s own unique way to describe the learning we do here?

The Green School Way is R.E.A.L.! Green School’s pedagogical belief is that we learn and grow best when experiences are:


Green School prioritizes and sustains relationships between all learners, their environment, and their community; Our programs are holistic and engage the whole person including social-emotional, intrapersonal, intellectual and kinesthetic connections.


Green School’s framework for learning supports experimentation and reflection on successes and failures; Green School anticipates and adapts to the evolving needs of learners, their environment, and community; change happens in a sustainable way.


Green School prioritizes interconnected experiences driven by real-world needs and the prospect of a sustainable future; The world is a diverse and complex network of systems, and our programme, community and environment embody an integrated, systems-thinking approach.


Green School thinks globally but acts locally first; we immerse learning in our immediate surroundings, culture and community.

Best regards,

Karen Fierst

Head of Early Years and Primary School, Green School, Bali


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