Early Years Distance Learning Program Starts Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Dear Families,

We hope you are all well and are feeling connected to families, friends and loved ones at this time of uncertainty.

Over the past days we have been working on the school’s plan for Distance Learning and we trust that you have been receiving updates regularly.  Our teachers have been working incredibly hard and with dedication and professionalism. Any thanks and gratitude towards them that you can offer would be most appreciatively received.


Over the coming few days there are a number of ways that you/your child will be contacted and informed about the Distance Learning program for your class or grade.

1)  You can expect to receive an email each morning from your homeroom teachers outlining tasks and online meetings for that day.  This should be in your inbox at or close to 8.30am (Bali time)

2) An email from one specialist teaching team per day, except Wednesdays (e.g: Physical Wellbeing on Thursdays, Music on Fridays) with recommendations for subject specific learning activities appropriate for each grade.

3) Daily virtual meetings (through Google Hangouts) for children to stay connected with their teachers and peers. These will take place at 9.30am (homerooms) and 11.00pm (specialists).  Invitations/links to these meetings will be included in daily communications.

In the attachment below, we have included an example of a timetable for how you may wish to schedule the Distance Learning day for your child.  Please share this with your child and together make an agreement about what will work best for your family. Of course there are also many other possibilities.


As we move into this time of Distance Learning, here are some important elements to take into account:

– Today, please download Google Hangouts in preparation for your child’s first virtual class tomorrow morning.

– Please be intentional about setting up work spaces for your child. Children should not be on devices without an adult in the room.

-Your child might like to wear headphones.

– Younger children will need help using the mute button.

– For all virtual meetings, we ask that children:

– dress in school clothes

– be on time

– follow IRESPECT values


Here are some articles if you want ideas about speaking with children about COVID-19 and what is happening.



Please let us know if we can help in any way as we all step into this new journey together.

With love and appreciation,

Russlee & Rachael

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