Early Years Initiatives and Upgrade

Green School Early Years is a place of magic and wonder. It is its own little eco-system within the bigger environment of the school. This is the place where children begin to understand that they are part of something bigger, where they form real friendships, where imagination play becomes more intricate, where foundational skills in math and literacy start to form and where a love for mother nature begins. Next year, your child will connect even more closely to nature, as we focus in on the natural world, mini-science and environmental stewardship in our youngest, but very important, community members. Please read on to see what is coming for your child, next school year:

Learning Program

Our play-based program is now mapped to a specially developed curriculum for this age group which puts the holistic nurturing of our special little people as the number one priority.  The Green Studies program will be further enhanced with more dedicated resources and more mini-projects. Our Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian Culture) programme will continue to grow as a critical part of the learning that is integrated with our local culture. The Kindy graduation remains a very special event that marks the transition into the Primary years, next year’s graduation events will be even more special..  

Learning Environment

The recently introduced morning ‘fruit break’ will continue to be offered. You child can play a role in cutting and preparing the snack for sharing with their friends.  Additional playground equipment has ordered and the play space will grow and develop constantly throughout this year and next. Growing the connections with other parts of the school will also be a priority, bringing in older children to interact and engage with our little ones as mentors.  

Please click below to watch our delightful Early Years program in action.

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