Early Years on its Last Stage for Governmental Accreditation

It has been a great semester for Early Years.  We started by implementing the new subject Budaya Indonesia from Geckos through Kindergarten. This program introduces the culture and norms of Indonesia through stories and puppet shows. In Kindergarten proficiency lessons, we are now using Singapore math outcomes and Jolly phonics. Two teachers are assigned to teach both subjects in both classes, providing consistent and carefully planned lessons. Trash walks have been introduced to Kindergarten this semester and regularly held every Friday to enhance our green program. We have also brought healthier options to our snacks and lunches. Finally, Early Years is in the last stage of governmental accreditation, having completed all required documentation and received praise for our programs and organization.

In semester two, we will continue to enhance the playground by constructing two more climbing nets in both the Kindergarten and Pre-School areas, new swings in the Pre-School area as well as adding more sand in the sand box. Early Years, will launch our own version of the Jalan Jalan program. Last but not least, we will also invite parents for another Indonesian Assembly and Potluck Breakfast.   

–Ibu Suci, Head of Early Years


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