Earthquake and Evacuation Update

Last week in our newsletter, we shared our Earthquake Procedures in Action and gave some insight into how we prepare the children and staff for these situations.  Further, to that email we are sharing via the parent portal the Green School policies and some support documents on health, safety and security.

Learn more about the policy HERE

For the past three years Green School has worked actively with experts to strengthen a healthy, safe and secure learning environment for campus visitors.

Learn more about a quick over of procedures for the variety of emergency procedures HERE .

Here are some further details on our evacuation procedures if they ever become necessary. In summary, a school evacuation situation that requires us to leave campus we first bring the students to the emergency assembly area (usually the field or gym but depends on the situation), parents, guardians or designated drivers are notified and a pick up process with check ins for drivers and check outs for students in put into place.  Throughout the year, please be sure that your contact details are always updated. Do this by emailing admissions at There is a designated process for pick up during these times and for ensuring that all children are cared for until they are picked up.

With regards, the evacuation procedures for visitors, including parents, don’t hesitate to take a look at this document

In case you would like to raise further queries, please email our Learning Environment Coordinator Marcel at  

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