Eat Japan

From the Japanese International Food Day


Our family is still glowing from the fantastic event organized by the Japanese Green School community on October 23rd.

As I spent hours at school last week writing on my computer, I had the opportunity to witness the hard work, dedication and kindness that the Japanese families invested day after day to make the “Eat Japan” event a smashing success that raised about 6M Rupiah to help a village affected by the fires in Kalimantan . It was truly a labor of love.

I can’t help but appreciate and acknowledge their creativity, their skills and their incredible sense of teamwork. They had a vision and little by little, day after day they worked blissfully and relentlessly towards it, getting organized, creating beautiful origami pieces, prepping and cooking delicious Japanese delicacies, decorating the grounds and transforming Green School into a Japanese haven. Not only did they pour their hearts into it but their passion and dedication also engaged many other kids and adults walking by who wanted to learn and participate in the process. It was truly a spontaneous collaborative effort for all ages. Absolutely inspiring! .

Eat japan from commsgreenschool

I learned that a couple of years ago a small initiative at the time named “International Snack of the Week” started at Green School. The mission of the initiative was to bring the Green School community together through food, to create a nurturing environment where new recipes from all over the world were welcomed, shared and enjoyed and, in the process, to have another outlet to raise some money for relevant causes. I am delighted to see that two years into it, this initiative has grown and developed into such a solid and valuable event for our community. Last week at the “Eat Japan” event, I felt empowered by the sense of unity unfolding around me and pulling me in. I felt proud of our school and our families. Thank you…


A Grateful Family

by Ibu Marta Kaltreider


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