Eighth Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We hope everyone had a wonderful week and many thanks to all of the parents that we able to come meet us today for our Parent Teacher Conferences. We understand that so much learning happens outside of the classroom and it is an honour to work by your side with your amazing children as a team.

The children enjoyed visiting the Gym for the first time for a surprise P.E. Class with Pak Garrett on Monday morning. We usually have P.E. Class on Friday but this week, we joined our neighbours in the Pre-K Geckos and had an extra lesson. The Starlings also learned about solar energy and how we have solar panels on campus to get power from Father Sun. We went to the top floor of the Heart of School to see the solar panels from above and then walked next to the solar panels to see them from below. The children also visited the tire playground for some more gross motor challenges as well as an impromptu game of “Stuck in the Mud”.

For our weekly Teman-Teman session, we visited our buddies in Grade 5B in their classroom. The Starlings listened to stories that their buddies had pre-selected for them from the school Library. Afterwards, the children enjoyed painting together.

In Yoga Class on Tuesday, the students tried a special yoga obstacle course. There were many different stations for the children’s gross motor skills to be challenged, including a variety of yoga poses such as frog, downward dog, chair, and table, along with crawling through tunnels, balancing on wooden yoga blocks and throwing scarves into a basket. There was so much joy in the Yoga studio.

In Cooking Class, the Starlings made peanut butter bliss balls. This activity strengthened their fine motor skills in a variety of ways. The children were challenged to tear the dates and apricots in to many small pieces. Cashews, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds were blended and then combined with peanut butter and raisins. The students carefully formed balls by rolling the mixture in the palm of their hands.

In Green Studies with Pak Brett, the students explored the Early Years garden which is located outside of Kindy B with magnifying glasses. They were looking for a gecko as well as treasures.

In a Mathematics lesson, the students explored with shapes and attempted to create a house with popsicle sticks by forming a square and a triangle.

In a Language lesson, the Starlings explored letters by wrapping yarn around the first letter of their name. It was amazing to see how focused they were during this task.

This Monday, October 2, is National Batik Day. If you have any batik clothing, please wear it when you come to school. This Thursday, October 5, is our full moon ceremony. Please pack traditional Balinese ceremonial clothes for your child, such as a sarong and a sash, if you have them. If not, we can use fabric from our classroom in place of sarongs. School will be closed for a week, starting on Monday, October 9, for our mid-semester break. Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful weekend.

Warm wishes,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna, and Ibu Komang

These paintings are a series of fairy doors on trees made by one of our students.

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