Eighth Week of Term 4

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We would love to share some of the highlights of our week’s learning. This week, Ibu Lotte (Sage’s mommy) visited us as a mystery guest and everybody was surprised –  even Sage couldn’t believe that his mommy came to teach us how to make a microme. She explained what a microme is and how to create dye’s using fruits, plants and other natural materials. The children listened carefully.  Ibu Lotte taught us how to make a basic knot using string and recycled fabric. The children took some string or fabric and put it over the bamboo stick, tied it around, made a loop and pulled the rest of the string inside the loop. It’s look easy but it was a little bit tricky for some of us!  Finally, they added colourful string and also counted how many knots they had. Now, microme’s are ready to hang at home! Thank you Ibu Lotte for coming and shares your skill!

In Music class, we practiced singing “Sandwiches” song for our performance on the stage in the next assembly. They were so happy singing and dancing accompanied by their teachers Pak Brett and Pak Dan. The children have been singing it almost everyday and everywhere in the school in last couple weeks. Do you know the words now too ?

The children had a lot of fun doing yoga games with Ibu Sarah on Tuesday morning. She asked the children some questions about “Do they like or not?” animals, fruits or anything, such as : If you like snake do cobra pose! If you like bunnies do bunnies pose! If you like strawberries do boat pose! If you like dogs do downward pose!  Almost all of them liked all the questions, so they all enjoyed doing the yoga poses while waiting for their turns to ask a question. The Starlings also celebrated Dorveshes birthday playing tunnel games by making a tunnel with a downward pose around the circle. Dorvesh went around the tunnel and his friends sang a birthday song for him. Happy Birthday Dorvesh!

In cooking class, The Starlings made one of Indonesian food called “Bakwan Jagung”. They enjoyed grating the corn and cutting the celery and leeks to mix with rice flour, wheat flour, pepper and salt and then, Ibu Komang helped to fry the batter in a deep hot oil. We also learned the names of the ingredients in Indonesian Language. That was amazing see the children learned Indonesian language as well as exercising their fine motor skills.

In Green Studies class with Pak Brett and Ibu Desy, The Starlings looked for some worms around the garden and they gently moved the worms to the pumpkin patch. He explained how important the worms for the plants are to help increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil and how worms leave behind ‘worm poo’ that is a valuable fertilizer. The Starlings also didn’t forget to watering the plants too, so they will grow and stay healthy. When they back to the class, they collected some leaves and made projects using those leaves. They cut the leaves and formed into a flower, star and animals as well as drew on the leaves with colorful markers.

The Starling collaborated with Geckos children made a slime in Mud Kitchen area using flour, food coloring, oil and water!

The Starlings enjoyed making a rocket project!

Other upcoming events to keep on your calendar:

Thursday, June 13 – Field Trip to Secret Garden Village

Thank you for your support and attention. Have a lovely weekend.

Warm wishes,

The Starlings Team

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