End of Term 1 in Grade 2

Hi Grade Two community,

We have had a wonderful last two weeks of Term One – where did the time go?

It’s amazing to look at our class and see the friendships formed, relationships created with teachers, and the academic, social and emotional growth in the short space of time we’ve had together.

We have had a wonderful first term together with many highlights including getting to know your children, our swimming program and the children showcasing their Thematics learning at assembly (they did such a wonderful job).

Here are some of our highlights from the past two weeks:

Field Trip to Warung Kemulan

We rode on the Bio Bus and then chose a drink from the menu, and ordered it in Bahasa. What a fun way to end our term using Bahasa Indonesia in a real life context, while having fun with our friends. Challenge for the holiday: next time you’re in a restaurant have your second grader order by saying, “Saya mau pesan….”(I want to order….) “Ini uangnya” (Here is the money). Terima kasih.

Performing at Primary Assembly

We presented our learning in Thematics on Tuesday. Thank you for all the parents who able to watch and support us. We told about some of our favourite places in Bali, including Blue Bear skatepark, Finns beachclub, Pepito supermarket and the beach. We also read out some of our descriptive writing explaining what we saw, heard and felt in our favourite places. If you are staying in Bali during the holidays, make sure you check out some of these recommendations!

Cooking Class

Ibu Devi and Ibu Yulie lead our cooking class this week by making a sweet Balinese treat called kelepon. This is part of our Thematics unit, Sense of Place, which explores where we live and go to school. The children worked in small groups to mix rice flour and tapioca flour with pandan leaves. They rolled them into balls with brown sugar inside. The teachers then boiled the balls in hot water and we ate them, once cooled, with coconut on the side. Yum!

Soccer Day

On Monday, we took part in a whole school celebration for the end of Soccer season. We had so much fun on the big field, either playing or cheering on our friends.

Teman Teman with Starlings

Tuesday morning was our last session with our Starlings buddies. We have had so much fun building relationships and showing our leadership and empathy skills to our younger friends. Next term we will begin a new Teman Teman with some older friends as an opportunity for us to experience being the younger friend. Grade Two Merah made some little thank you notes and we enjoyed playing together, one last time.


We have spent time this week connecting our Writing with Thematics, as we wrote about our field trip and also did some map work to plot out our favourite places in Bali. Grade Two Putih and Merah both have new bookcases to display our class books, which has helped us to see which books we have in our class and to encourage us to spend more time reading!

In maths, we have begun our Addition and Subtraction unit with some simple games and skills to practice. On Thursday, we rolled dice and added them together. We had three levels of challenge; adding 1, 2 or 3 digit numbers to a single digit value. Maths class always some fun games to practice our number sense.

In Bahasa class, we finished off our Family Tree Posters and, depending on the level of class, wrote varying levels of information about our family members.

Listening (and translating) a story in Bahasa Indonesia with Ibu Chandra’s small group.

Our Grade Two team would like to wish you a very happy and well deserved break!!

It’s our last whole school assembly tomorrow at 2:30, and Farmers’ Market afterwards.

Then we’ll see you back at school on Monday, 21st October.

Grade Two 🙂


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