Dear All,

What a fast term it has been! We have spent a great, creative, productive and messy time here in Grade 2!

As we finished our last thematic we enjoyed an afternoon spent cooking and being mindful- discovering treasures in mother nature. A childs natural sense of wonder in concepts larger then themselves is uncovered when we spend time exploring nature!

Ibu Pippa & Pak Jerry went on nature “treasure” hunt and noticed the colours, shapes, light patterns and forms in nature. This was a nice activity to lead in to our next thematic study which is ‘Mother Earth and Animals’. Our students have shown lots of excitement and are keen to learn more about our Earth.

Ibu Neni & Ibu Peni taught us all how to make a traditional crackers, jaja matahari/ sun crackers. They experienced cooking it and wrote the simple recipe. They were amazed by the process of cooking it, the dough stuck in the tool and when we dipped it in the hot oil, it then separated from the cooking utensil and became a yummy, crunchy flowery cracker.

In maths, we continue to work on addition with and without regrouping and also number bonds to ten. Grade 2 love the opportunity to use white boards. Some of us are using our knowledge of Place Value to move onto addition and subtraction to 1000 (without regrouping). Once we’re finished with our challenge, we complete some maths games which we enjoy.

In Bahasa and Indonesian Studies, we learned about names of rooms around Green School through vocabulary games and role play which the children enjoyed learning and playing at the same time. The children also created interesting mini dictionaries in Bahasa that has words and attractive pictures in it and they brought it home to learn more as well as teach their family. We played traditional games and used blindfold during Indonesia Studies to introduce local culture and what Balinese children do in their playtime.  We sang a simple song that goes along with the game, we made a big circle, the children were holding hands, one child is blindfold  in the middle of the circle and after finished singing, he/she needed to guess who stood behind her/him.

Our Community time spent well!

We have  a well deserved rest next week and I look forward to hearing about all the places Grade 2 visit over the holidays. We’ll see you all again on Monday, 22nd October.  Thanks for your support so that we can do the best we can for your kids!


Saraswati celebration is on Saturday, October 13th. The purpose of the ceremony is to honor Dewi Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, Music and Art, see email from The Heads for more info.


Grade 2 Team

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