End of the semester blog post (farewell Caca and happy holidays to everyone)

So many emotions and fun at the end of this joy filled semester. What a fun week we had and though it is sad to say goodbye to Carolina, we are all looking forward to a little holiday time and to returning fresh to the Kindy B classroom next term.

Here are just a few things we did in the classroom this week: Pe class: review some games Bamba jam: christmas songs Green studies: planting Numeracy: number corner and shapes, and findung diamond games Literacy: new sounds /u/ Cooking class: kue putri salju Sent from Messenger Chat Conversation End Type a message…

If any parents want to share Mud pit pictures, please send those to the teachers as that was a great highlight of the last couple weeks and we will have to do that more in the coming semester.

At the end of the semester we clean up our classroom and make sure we take home all of our clothing and belongings that might get swept away during our holiday break. Do take one last look at our clothes today if you can. The clothes left behind will end up in Kembali if not claimed (at least by the end of the school year they will for sure).

Classes start up again on the 10th of January and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back. Have a wonderful holiday everyone and we will look forward to hearing the children share their adventures when we return.


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