Enterprise in the Visual Arts

In the first Middle School Arts Rotation this year, students in the Visual Arts class were set the following challenge:

“Put your design skills to the challenge to make a new design logo for the “unofficial” 2015/2016 Green School t-shirt. Members of the Green School community will be invited to vote for their favorite design, which will then be professionally printed on to t-shirts to be sold in the Green School shop. This is an activity that will be held every year in the first MS Arts rotation… so are you ready to be part of this pioneering group?”

Fifteen Middle School students signed up for this class and from the outset were challenged to put their design skills to the test as they worked through a series sketches before developing one of their idea’s in to a final artwork. As part of the class, students also traveled to Easy Tee’s factory in Canggu to get a better understanding of the printmaking process. Here the students met David Eagles, who runs this amazing little company and learnt more about how he works with environmental friendly printing inks in the production of his t-shirts.

Back at school, the votes were counted (and re-counted… this was an extremely close competition), and two designs were chosen as the winning logo designs for the 2015-2016 Green School t-shirt. I’m pleased to announce that Rezi Barath (Year 7) is the winning design for the main logo on the front of the t-shirt. Bailey Campbell (Year 8) design came in a close second and her design been used as the motto on the back label of the t-shirt. Congratulations to both girls on their amazing designs.

In conversation with Rezi she explained what she enjoyed about the class and the meaning behind her work, “I liked that we were able to explore our own ideas. Ibu Jen wanted us to think about who would buy the t-shirts. So when I was designing my artwork I made different pattern’s inside the letters GS to represent that we’re all from different countries and here we are all as one community”.

Enterprise in the Visual Arts program is an important of our curriculum as it encourages students to think creatively and in the process come up with new ideas and approaches to their work. This year we will be working closely with the Green School shop to give students the opportunity to develop their creative ideas in to a creative products and artworks that appeal to our wider school community. So please do drop by and pick yourself up one of these fabulous t-shirts!

Ibu Jen

Visual Arts Teacher


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