Exciting new Opportunity for HS Students

The high school is very excited to announce the opportunity for ten students to travel to Paris, France, in December 2015 to take part in the global movement for a sustainable future at the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the preceding Conference of Youth. This conference may be the most important event happening on the planet this year and Green School High School students have the opportunity–and indeed the ability–to make an impact.

Plans are still currently in the preliminary stages; however, we are writing to inform you now of our intent to travel to the conference as progress will happen quite quickly. All students who wish to attend are encouraged to see Ibu Emily. The approximate cost per student could be up to $4000, though we fully intend to engage in fundraising activities as part of the preparation process.

To be eligible to attend, students will be expected to follow the ‘Learn It, Prove It, Do It’ Jalan-Jalan model. This model requires students to demonstrate their commitment via taking classes (learn it), to develop and take part in action oriented projects here locally (prove it), and to bring their skills and extend their projects to real world events and issues (do it). Some classes in block one already have elements integrated that are related to the pressing issue of anthropogenic climate change and the global response. We will be in contact very soon with more information regarding the application process.

In the high school we are so excited about the possibility for Green School to send a delegation of students who are prepared to apply what they have learned in one of the most important global forums in history. Ayo!


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