Exciting news in Kindy!

Dear Parents

We have some lovely new books in our Kindy classes and the children are enjoying the process of independently choosing a book to browse through whilst role-playing at being the teacher, creatively using the pictures to make up a story.

These books are a lovely addition to our resources and complement the early stages of reading and the love of books. Some books have no words in so you can make up your own story by using just the pictures.

We are going to let the children take these books home if they wish to, to share with you! Snuggle up and lounge on the sofa with the book, swing upside down in the hammock whilst turning the pages and make up a story. Read (if there are words) the story to your child when under a tree!

Your child may feel they would like a different book every couple of days or keep the same book for much longer, both are fine. Your child’s teachers will have the ‘book box’ ready in the mornings for any swops.

We only ask that if you do take a book home you look after it and promise to return it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Many Thanks,

The Kindy Team

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