Exploring Science and New Places

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Starling Darlings had another exciting week as we explored new places around campus as well as engaged in several guest classes. Students enjoyed diving deeper into the subject of science. We visited Ibu Puri in the Science Lab. Ibu Puri usually teaches high school students but this week, she planned experiments for the Starlings to try. One of the experiments would be fun for you to attempt at home with your children as well. Use a small clear dish (we used petri dishes) and add a shallow layer of milk. Following that, add 4 drops of food coloring and finally add a drop of dish detergent in the center. The children were fascinated as the colors blended together and created unique patterns. We also had a chance to see several creatures that are preserved in jars, such as snakes, a toad, and a bat. Thank you Ibu Puri for allowing us to visit you and for the great class. The Starlings are also grateful for Ibu Laura who was our parent Mystery Guest this week. She created a volcano in the sand pit, and students were fascinated to observe the “lava” that emerged from baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. She also showed us a science experiment which can blow up a balloon by using vinegar and dish detergent. Thank you very much Ibu Laura for sharing your science wisdom with us.

Another highlight of the week was our visit to Bamboo Village. Students used their gross motor skills to walk up and down many stairs while carrying their backpacks. Everyone was excited to visit one of our classmate’s homes as well as the Student Village. We enjoyed seeing Green School from across the river and tried to find our classroom. Many thanks to Pak Edu for being our guide as well as our gracious host. The children were lucky to meet a kitten at the Bamboo Village and to enjoy a special treat made from frozen dragon fruit and other fruit blended together.

Students are working on emergent reading skills by becoming the Mystery Guest. Almost each day this week, a child bravely sat in front of the entire class and read a story to their classmates. If your child would like to have a turn, please email us so that we can arrange the schedule.

We are happy to announce that we have book buddies! Ibu Cindy and Ibu Dina brought their students from Grade 4A to visit us on Wednesday afternoon to read books for our students. This is the start of a wonderful relationship, and we look forward to their next visit.

Students explored their creative expression with a wonderful Art class from the Primary School Art teacher, Ibu Karen. We visited her Art Studio and learned about the primary colors. Children made new colors by mixing 2 colors together. Thank you very much Ibu Karen!

Thank you to Ibu Kadek and her incredible Kitchen team who cook for us each day. We visited them on Friday and created our own delicious pizzas. Yummy!

We visited Pak Dan and several high school students in the Sangkep for a Zumba lesson. Thanks for dancing with us!

Next week, school will be closed on Friday, October 7, for parent teacher conferences. Have a lovely weekend, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for your support!

Best wishes,

Starlings Team *Ibu Russlee *Ibu Ria *Ibu Komang *Ibu Yuadi

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