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EY Update Term 4 Week 1

Dear Early Years Families,

Greetings! Welcome back from a rather unique mid-semester "holiday". The entire Early Years team is very excited to connect again on Monday with the children. We truly miss everyone so much, including all of you parents too! I completely empathize with every parent who is trying to work from home these days as well as take care of your own children and their education. Let's just keep taking it day by day, with lots of compassion and love. I have been staying home in Nyuh Kuning with my family and I too am learning how to balance working from home with life. My daughter wishes she could be in her classroom with all of her friends and until that day comes, let's open our minds and hearts to this new distance learning experience...Green School Everywhere! I am incredibly grateful for this amazing community who continues to adapt and bend like bamboo. Many thanks to my Early Years team who have been working over this break to prepare for the new term. Building upon the first 3 days of distance learning and taking into account feedback from teachers, students and parents, we are launching with a few updates. Attached is a document with more detailed information about our Lower School Distance Learning Plan. One of the main changes will be using ZOOM for our live meetings, rather than Google Hangouts. You will continue to receive these invitations in the morning emails from the classroom teachers. All grades in the Lower School will also be using Seesaw. If either of these systems are new to you, please try to spend some time exploring them over the weekend. Seesaw will be gently rolled out and we are looking forward to having more interactions back and forth as well as sharing the students' projects and creations. Classroom teachers will be communicating more about this soon. We are continuing to have our Specialist live sessions each week for Music, Green Studies, Yoga and Physical Wellbeing. IHUB will also be joining our Specialist workshop rotations this week and also for upcoming weeks. For this week's session, please prepare a comb and paper cut into small pieces.Thank you! We are also launching the new Green School Everywhere website. The aim is to have a central location for information about distance learning from each LN as well as a way to build community and keep us all connected in one platform. My deepest gratitude to each and everyone of you. I know that your partnership is even more crucial for this new journey and can't wait to continue learning together. Terima kasih banyak! Just a quick note that we will continue following our school calendar, including national holidays. Due to Good Friday, school will be closed this upcoming Friday so we will have four days of our distance learning program. See you on Monday. With gratitude,


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