Fairy Trails, Mangroves, Bio Soap, Geography – A Glimpse of the Week in GS High School

Even with a day off Thursday, it has been a full week of learning, growth and exploration this week in the high school.

The exploration was in full force in Jalan Jalan on Wednesday. The Fairy Tale Trail Jalan Jalan had their first visitors this week from Pre-K, Kindy, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Making friends, they shared their fairy tales, searching for Thumbalina, protecting themselves from Giants and climbing beanstalks. Keep an eye out for Thumbalina, the Frog’s house, a giant stuck in the swamp and a beanstalk!

Also in Jalan Jalan, Green School Green Generation visited Serangan beach where they assisted in a mangrove replanting project. A government reclamation program supplied the plants and also facilitated a group of students from Java to join us. Mangrove ecosystems are so important in coastal stabilization as well as mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. Mangrove on Bali are disappearing due to development in the south so these projects are very important!

Students from the WhaaaaaSAP soap making class have been learning about the 5 p’s of marketing and today their work culminated at the farmer’s market. They created their own recipes and marketing schemes. By the way, the secret ingredient at 40% is filtered used cooking oil!

As the Geography Notebook class enters its last week students were busy getting letter E finished. Students can choose any country that starts with the letter E. Egypt was the most popular, closely followed by, for some reason, Estonia. For each letter students must research and complete the 5 Themes of Geography for the country they’ve chosen, read and summarize a current event from that country, and write about a famous historical person from their chosen country. The catch is that person’s first or last name must begin with that week’s letter. In this case E.

In BSSA, the Boys and Girls +15 Teams both cruised to the tournament final before falling to BIS in both games 1-0. This was the best ever showing for a boys team and the second year in a row for girls making the final. Awesome! Special shout out to newcomers Cleo and Meika who played big roles and to Lucas and Nick who scored timely goals. Of course, Gede Witsen was his usual dominant self, scoring a hat-trick against LFB in under 5 minutes. Boom! ​

Lastly, we’d like to quietly recognize the acts of compassion that have taken place within the high school community this week. Thank you to the students and families that prove time and again that this community is indeed a special thing. Thank you.


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