Farewell Semester 1 from the Geckos – MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings from all of us! Our last week of school was filled with lots of joy and happiness and we had such a fun-filled week of activities.  We had a Christmas-themed week and created Christmas arts and crafts, such as a paper Christmas tree and a Santa Clause hat.

A special Christmas-themed Cooking Class also happened this week. We made the iconic Christmas cookie, the gingerbread man cookies. We also used the pumpkin from Pak Brett to make pumpkin bread as a last week of school treat.

We built our own cozy movie theater and watched a special movie while enjoying our festive treats we made during Cooking Class.

Mystery Guests came to visit us and did such fun activities with all the children. We had Ibu Puri, the High School Science teacher, along with some friendly and caring High School students. They prepared four stations and they were doing awesome science experiments with the Geckos and the Starlings.

Station one: magic slime

Station two: bubbly dry ice

Station three: balloon static electricity

Station four: magic milk

We also had Noah’s Grandparents visiting us as Mystery Guests this morning. They read a story for us. Thank you Granddad and Nana for coming and sharing your time with the children! We would love to have more Mystery Guests in our classroom in the next semester. Please contact one of the teachers if you would like to participate. It can be any activity, such as reading/telling stories, making arts and crafts, Cooking Class, etc.

Mud Pit! Yay…! First time of the year and it was such an exhilarating adventure. The children felt a little bit hesitant to go in the mud, but then almost all of them jumped in and did not want to come out! 

Ibu Ayu read us a funny story during our last Library visit. We returned all of the Library books back to the Library to keep them all safe and clean.

During Green Studies Class, Pak Brett took us on a “Silence Walk” to see animals around campus. We saw geese, spiders, butterflies, and a dragonfly. We also looked at the Indonesian snake pictures which are posted on the school clinic’s wall and learned about more types of snakes.

Our last P.W. sessions were also full of happiness. Team work was improved through playing team building games. The children were grouped into three teams; yellow team, green team, and blue team. Each team had to collect one cone at a time based on their team colour by going through some obstacle courses. Then each team was challenged to play a more advanced team building game by pretending to be a centipede walking through the obstacle courses and collect one cone at a time. It was really amazing seeing how they tried to stay together!

Thank you for always being our loyal followers to our weekly activities here in Geckos Class. Thank you for the amazing Semester One and for your ongoing support and love throughout this half year. We are so grateful having you all as part of our Geckos Family. As the semester went by, the children came to school with huge smiles in the morning and sometimes wanted to stay longer at school after school.

We wish you a wonderful holiday and a great time with your families back at home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Good bye 2018! See you in 2019!

Best wishes,

The Geckos

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