February 1, 2019 Grade 2

Grade 2 Green School Blog For February 1, 2019

Mindfulness by touch

Learning is Fun!

Mindfulness by touch

Dear Parents,

Wow! February is here already! The grade 2 students are  back from the holidays now and enjoying learning and having fun together. We have been working well in our Math and Literacy rotations and the children are excited and engaged in the lessons. Bahasa and Indonesian Culture lessons have included discussions of transportation and Nyepi. We have  begun to design our Ogoh Ogoh for Nyepi and the class is excited for the parade.

Last week, we did some writing with a buddy. The class came up with some great stories!

Enjoy your day off on Tuesday, for Chinese New Year!

Math games!

Thanks for sending the library books back each Monday so the class can choose new ones! Have a great weekend. The Grade 2 Team

Math Buddies!

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