February 16 2017 issue

Dear Community,

This week our community danced.

We danced for activism. We danced to celebrate, connect and make a mark. But most of all we danced and celebrated in a way that involved all the age groups in our student community, something that is very unique for Green School – we have ages 3 to 18 in our student body.

It was truly magical to be part of the experience on the football field and if you haven’t yet seen the footage from our One-Billion rising/V-day dance or our Valentine’s Day Friendship Walk, please visit our Facebook page here. We look forward to sharing our drone footage next week, which is epic!

Alll of the lead up to activities around the school represents so beautifully who we are as a community, and it is a deep honour to work with people so committed to bettering the world through education and not shying away from the most difficult issues of our day, but doing so with incredible thought and care around the developmental ages of children while also pushing conventional boundaries at the same time.  It is deeply inspiring, and I thank you all.

This is Green School!

The dance is something that we must do again. So much fun! Look out next week for our community dance session which will be happening all week. Have a great weekend,

-Ibu Leslie

W H A T ‘ S   O N

Friday Feb 17 


Monday Feb 20

GREEN SCHOOL DANCE WEEK BEGINS! 8.15am | Yoga Intermediate II | Yoga Bale 8.30am | Jungle Run | Freak Coffee 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking 3.30-4.30pm | Hip Hop, West African, Tango | Sangkep, Yoga Bale, Drama Room

Tuesday Feb 21

8.15am | Yoga Beginner | Yoga Bale 8.45am | Bio Bus Tour: Mask Carving | Meet Leah at Freak Coffee 9-10am | Zumba | Sangkep 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room 3.30-4.30pm | Breakdance, Contemporary, Salsa, Balinese Dance | Sangkep, Yoga Bale, Drama Room, HOS 3.30-5.30pm | Capoeira | Sangkep

Wednesday Feb 22

8.30am | Wild Fitness | Soccer Field Parking 3.30-4.30pm | KKC Gardening | KKC Kebun 3.30-4.30pm | Hip Hop | Sangkep 3.30-4.30pm | Afro Fusion | Yoga Studio 3.30-4.30pm | Tango | Drama Room 3.30-4.30pm | Samba | HOS

Thursday Feb 23

8.15am | Yoga Intermediate II | Yoga Bale 4-5pm | Gamelan | Music Room 3.30-4.30pm | Insanity Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop | Sangkep, Yoga Bale, HOS 7pm | I FEEL Performance | Sangkep

Friday Feb 24 

8.30-9.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 2-5pm | Farmers Market 2.30pm | Dance Assembly + Brazilian Carnival Party | Sangkep 3.30-4.30pm | Basketball

NOTE: events can change, so please check the noticeboard at school’s entry for updates throughout the week.




One Island – One Voice Beach Clean Up

One Island One Voice is hosting the the biggest beach clean up Bali has ever seen. In the spirit of both Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and Hair Peduli Sampah (February 21st), we are showing our love for Bali by cleaning up the coastline around the entire island, onSunday 19th February 2017. We aim to cover the coast of Bali with thousands of people taking action and showing their love for Bali, and we would love for the ENTIRE Green School community to be involved with this momentous event. Sign up at www.oneislandonevoice.org. Bio Bus will be on usual Ubud schedule on Sunday!

Green School To Sign MOU with Thailand’s Biggest University

Thamassat University Bangkok, a government university and the biggest in Thailand, will join a MOU with Green School in the Sangkep on Friday, the 17th of February 2017starting 9 am.

The MOU will be agreed upon and witnessed by 2 other institutions that have made an MOU with Green School last year, including Universitas Ngurah Rai, Bali and Universitas Gresik, East Java. There will be a 4 institutions collaborating in shared values for local, national and global education. Please join us for this significant event!

F R O M   O U R   C O M M U N I T Y

Dear Community,

I would like to share some thoughts with you on how we treat and communicate with the local community, especially in terms of our business activities and aspirations. The Green School is located in Sibang Kaja’s village, thus we (the management) need to know all about the who, how, where, what, and why of Sibang Kaja. In a recent meeting, we gathered investors, investor’s candidates, and the Head of the Sibang Kaja on Friday, the 3rd of February to discuss:

1. Raising awareness of both parties (the Village’s Management and GS) about how many people Green School has absorbed in terms of Human Resources.

2. How for the first 5 years, Green School and the village faced a challenging situation in communicating with the each other. However, the past 3 years communication has run smoothly.

3. The appreciation for the local community through the Head of the Village Mrs. Rai Sudani. The Village contains 9 sub-villages (Banjar) that support the GS.

4. Green School employs 70 people from the local village, which is an asset for the school, since it assures a positive relationship with our neighbors.

5. When the school recruits additional employees, we always give first priority to the local community, as long as they meet the requirements.

7. Raising awareness to all of Green School’s employees that we are located in a small village, hence we need to respect the local wisdom’s condition.

Sincerely, Ibu Ika, President of Yayasan Kul-kul – Green School Bali


On behalf of everyone on this year’s V-Day committee, we want to send gratitude and love to everyone in the Green School community for showing support and solidarity this year on V-Day!  By all measures, the event was a success as our high school V-Day team worked to raise awareness and funds in efforts to end men’s violence against women and girls. READ MORE from the 2017 V-Day Committee Here!

US University Fair Feb 21st                                   Primary School Heart Walk

Re-Live The V-Day Celebration.                 Next Permaculture Design Course is open Thanks for the beautiful collaboration!                                 for registration

P E   &   S P O R T

PE & SPORTS WEEKLY ROUND UP  PE & SPORTS WEEK AHEAD (Password: AcademicYear2016_17)


GSPA Fundraising – TIME TO VOTE

Voting forms will be sent next week & the winning item will be announced in the next Newsletter. Final nominations are: Ropes course, zip line (across river), library refurbishment, swimming pool, kitchen make-over for students, wireless mics & lighting rig for Sangkep, multi-purpose gym floor, mobile maker-space units, high rope course, kids playground, skate ramp, weather cover for bicycle racks.


Due to GS Dance Week and space restrictions the GSPA Feb Meeting will be postponed for Friday 24th MARCH – Sangkep @ 8.30am. If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please email gspa@greenschool.org

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