February in 3A

This month has been loaded with rich learning! Here are some highlights from each respective subject area:


We are continuing to delve into different types of measuring with real world applications. After focusing on length and distance, we shifted to the concept of time. We read Me Counting Time, and learned about the vocabulary related to the passing of time, such as second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, century, and millennium. Then we created a class timeline train, that marks our own personal experiences related to each passage of time. From there, we zoomed in on telling time using varying types of clocks- the analog, digital, sun dial, etc., and then built our own class analog clock to learn and discuss the intricacies of telling time to the hour, half hour and beyond. This week and next, we are focusing on weight, capacity, and volume, and will be back in the gardens and kitchen to forage, harvest, and measure out some delicious recipes that we will whip up to share with our buddies in 3B.


In Math we continue to focus on solidifying a deep conceptual understanding of multiplication and division, using many different strategies such as a number line, using multiplication facts you know to find other multiplication facts, using array models, and area models. It is important for these young mathematicians to be able to articulate and understand say why a multiplication fact such as 6×6= 36 as opposed to just regurgitating the fact. We have worked on the multiplication facts of 6, 7, 8, and 9, and will move onto division next week. If you are ever curious about the specific content standards that we cover here at Green School in Mathematics, check out the Singapore Math Scope and Sequence here: http://www.singaporemath.com/v/PMSS_comparison.pdf


In Literacy, we are focusing on fiction reading and writing, with an emphasis on character studies. We are enjoying the beautiful words of Kate Dicamillo in The Tales of Despereaux. Her writing is offering endless inspiration for the children as they create their very own fiction stories. During our read aloud time together, we engage in conversation surrounding the literal and inferential meaning of the book, look at complex vocabulary, and track the characters’ actions that lead up to the story’s ultimate climax. This engagement of conversing about what we are reading is essential to the children’s development as readers at this point in time. We encourage you to do the same when you sit down to read together each day.


In Bahasa, the children have been learning the Bahasa vocabulary related to the passing of time. We have begun the exciting task of dreaming up our class Ogo Ogo that is based on this year’s theme of Friends of the Environment. The children are learning all about the history and interworkings of Nyepi. Exciting times!

And some shots from the drama performance…

Onward and upward,

The 3A Team

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