Fifth Week of Term 4

Dear Parents

Greetings! We had another fun-filled week with thematic, proficiency and experiential lessons each day along with open-ended play and dance parties. The children were thrilled to be invited to the Drama Studio on Monday afternoon to be in the audience for an original production. Our new friends from Grade 2 performed, “Guardians of the Forest”, and it was great to see their props, including masks and to listen to the dialogue. We went to see the show along with our neighbours from Pre-K Geckos and Kindy A. Thank you for the wonderful show Grade 2!

This week, the Starlings were happy to host two very special Mystery Guests in our classroom. On Wednesday morning, Pak Stefan surprised us during Morning Circle and shared a story book with us about animals. Thursday morning brought Pak Daniel, who arrived with a new name, “Bongo”! He told us stories from his life in Hungary and also sang traditional Hungarian songs. Thank you Starling Dads for your visits this week. We are ready for some more Mystery Guests next week so please sign up with Ibu Russlee and Ibu Krisna.

In Cooking Class, the children made a special type of food from Thailand, “Mango Sticky Rice”. Ibu Komang cooked the sticky rice and the students helped by cutting the mango. Then they mixed the coconut milk with mango to make a mango sauce which was poured on top of the rice. The Starlings liked it, especially the naturally sweet mango!

Pak Brett came on Wednesday morning for Music Class. He brought drums of assorted sizes and his guitar. The children played a game with the drums and imitated the sounds of the rain and the thunder. The students happily sang the “Animal Alphabet” song and also played one of their favourite games, “Freeze Dance”.

The Starlings were just having fun watering the plants in the garden outside of Kindy B that they planted last week. Suddenly, the “Kulkul” which is the emergency sound when staff members make a loud sound with the bamboo. We had a practice emergency fire drill and tried a new evacuation location which is close to us at the Green Camp field.

In our Thematic lesson, we explored the letters Ss, Tt, Uu and Vv through stories and illustrations. In Mathematics, the children practised counting and matching their steps to the number by playing, “What Time is it Mr. Wolf?” The students also tried writing the numerals from 1 – 12 to make the face of a watch by using recycled materials.

In PE Class, Pak Garrett and Pak Putu set up a variety of activities in the Gym. The children practised jumping in hoops as well as throwing, catching and rolling the large balls. They also tried walking in zigzags to avoid stepping on the large rope.

School will be closed on Thursday, May 10 in observance of the national holiday for Ascension Day. Wednesday, May 9, is the Early Years Parent Chat from 8:30-9:30 AM in the Drama Studio. Other upcoming dates to note are the Indonesian Assembly on May 23 at 9:00 AM and our field trip on May 25. We hope you have a fabulous weekend and hope to meet you soon. Thank you.


Ibu Krisna, Ibu Russlee and Ibu Komang


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