First Week

Kindy had an amazing first week! The children did a lot of activities with the classroom teachers as well as the specialists. In proficiency class with Pak Brett, they explored shapes that looked like the letters they were familiar with. They utilized the classroom floor to write and draw them with chalks. In thematic class with Ibu Kiara, the children did some ice-breaker games. One of them was the Who’s Behind the Curtain game where two groups of children hid behind each side of a curtain/fabric and had to mention the name of whoever is behind the curtain once it was dropped.  Through the games, they got the chance to know each other better.

The children also shared some fun moments with the specialists. In P.E. class with Pak Bambang they strengthened their motor skills using balls by throwing, catching, rolling, and balancing. In Bambajam with Pak Duncan, the children play the B-I-N-G-O song with the instruments as well as learning to read the music sheets. Ibu Russlee introduced basic Yoga movements through games and songs during Yoga class. Meanwhile, Ibu Parwati led them in cooking class making a traditional Balinese desert called ‘Bubur Sumsum‘. The children visited Ibu Ayu in the library to read and borrow books. They also did a treasure hunt with her to get to know the library system.

Ibu Yulia introduced the children to some greetings in Indonesian during Bahasa Indonesia class such as ‘Selamat pagi’ and ‘Selamat siang’ through a game of voice guessing. They also learned how to make Kwangen (a small triangular offering that used by for praying) with Ibu Par to be used on the Balinese Welcome Ceremony on Monday which went very well.

All in all, everybody enjoyed the first week of school!

Have a great weekend!

Kindy Team

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