First Week

Dear Families,

Thank you to all for helping your children transition into Green School Kindergarteners!  It was an exciting week of getting to know each other, developing our classroom into our own unique learning environment, and making new friends.

This week the children played community building games during circle times such as “Bug In a Rug!” and “Magic Number”.  They also created name mosaics, painted their families in a beautiful watercolor, and created a welcome sign for the front of our room using their handprints to stamp their “identities”.

The class enjoyed a beautiful nature walk on their return to Green School and made new observations about their outdoor environment, such as “I can hear the rushing water.  It carries things away!  Wonder where it goes?” and “See that enormous spider!  I bet it has been here for all its holiday.”

Ready for the second week!


Kindy B Team


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