Flippin’ Turtles

We are in the middle school Flippin Turtles Jalan-Jalan, and we are helping save turtles! Turtle populations are decreasing due to poachers, animals eating them and human interference. Out of 1000 turtles hatching only 2 make it to breeding age.

We have been fortunate to have the help of Carli and Malcolm Axford who are very passionate about this topic and started the Flippin’ Turtles Project. We are doing this because we love turtles and we don’t want them to go extinct.  If we can save them they could live over a hundred years.

We plan to go to hotels to educate them about this issue and present our ideas to build a turtle hatchery to keep the turtles safe. We are going to build the hatchery made out of bamboo for the sides and thick plastic for the top with breathing holes. Also with the plastic top, tourists are going to be able to look at the turtles. You can support us by donating to our Flippin’ Turtles fund. Please help us spread awareness about this cause!   

Corinna, Grade 6


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