Food and Beverage Choices

Food glorious food

“Support community members to take informed and healthy food and beverage choices. A mix of Indonesian inspired and Western dishes at different price points.”

Food – it crosses cultures, ages and places, it brings together families and communities. For the past two years, when leading the public tour at Green School, I am always excited to show guests our  community gathering area. Everything from Balinese snacks steeped in tradition through to raw biscotti is on display. It is a celebration of our diverse community, but must also be the best fuel for learning and sustainably sourced wherever possible. We have some changes coming to be true to our word, as per the Green School Food and Beverage Policy.

Please take a look at the policy. We certainly are! We know there is a lot of interest in food and we are undertaking an audit to see how the current food offerings line-up against our policy. We will share the findings and let you know of the changes we will make. Please look out for the report in next week’s newsletter. In the meantime, Ibu Kadek’s kitchen door is open, so please drop in and spend some time in the kitchen, bringing your own ideas, recipes, inspiration and love.

After finishing up the daily tour via the kitchen, I find my mind turning to my daily returning question;  “What will I eat today?”


Marcel Vermaak

Learning Environment Coordinator

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