Fourth Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We had such a wonderful morning celebrating the beginning of the school year with our friends from Pre-K Geckos and Kindy at the Early Years Potluck Breakfast. It was great to meet new families and to witness everyone socialising and playing together. Many thanks for joining us for this heart-warming event.

Being the “Children of the Earth”, Starlings celebrated Green School’s 10 Year Anniversary by planting their own tree together with their Mommy/Daddy and several new Gardener friends. We also put the student’s name on a ribbon and tied it to the tree. It will be great to visit the trees during the year and water the trees, watching them grow as we grow too. Another amazing project related to Green School’s 10 year birthday is a time capsule. A time capsule will be buried on campus under the dirt and will be re-opened in 10 years. The Pre-K students were invited to draw a picture about themselves in 10 years or what they imagine the Earth will be like in 10 years.

On Monday afternoon, the Starlings were visited by new High School friends for Teman-Teman (friends). They were happy to read books, play and draw on the floor with chalk. Some of our neighbours from the Geckos also came to play together with us!

Our thematic lesson focused on “Smell” this week as we continued our journey through the senses. The Starlings had to guess what the smell was for a variety of materials, like coffee, turmeric, noni fruit, flowers, soap and oil. The Starlings also enjoyed painting with natural pigments derived from turmeric and coffee.

The Starlings were looking for some flower seeds with Pak Brett in Green Studies Class and planted them in a garden. They were excited to find some “Putri Malu” (Mimosa Pudica). When this magical plant is touched, the leaves curl up and close.

In P.E Class, the students ran and jumped as well as doing froggy jumps and walking backwards.

The Starlings had a lot of fun playing “Yoga Duck Duck Goose” in Yoga Class. They sat in a circle, facing inward while another student walked around gently tapping each student in turn, calling each a “duck” until finally calling one a “goose”. The “goose” then ran and tried to tag their friend. Finally, that student had a turn to be a “Yoga Teacher” and did a yoga pose while the other students followed.

In our weekly Cooking Class, the students made a classic Indonesian dish, “Pisang Goreng” (Fried Bananas). The children prepared the ingredients by mixing rice flour, wheat flour and palm sugar with water as well as finely cutting banana into three pieces. Ibu Komang dipped the chopped banana into the batter and then fried it in hot coconut oil.

We have been tracking the weather each day on our “Weather Calendar” during Morning Circle. The students practise counting each student who is present and how many children are absent. The Starlings are also working on one-to-one correspondence by counting the dots on the dice. Thank you for your attention and support. Happy 10th Birthday Green School! Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm wishes,

The Starlings Team


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