From ubuntu to temples

Last week we had a chance to show for the whole primary school what we have been doing in our classroom. The third graders did really a great job presenting ubuntu to the whole primary community.

From ubuntu we continued our new theme “How to leave a positive footprint in Bali” exploring different Balinese temples. We visited the Banjar Saren, temple named  Pura Sukun,

as well as did a temple scavenger hunt right here on campus and explored “secret temples” in Green school campus area.

From bigger temples to small temples. Many communities have their own temple. Bali has it’s own big temples, Gree school and even our houses. The grade three student are making  the smallest temple, a shrine. This shrine is to worship it’s builder. We asked the students to bring something special from home to put into the shrine, to make it really special. The making of the shrine started with a fun activity where we wrote something positive or nice to everyone’s temple.

With these settings towards a new week,

The grade 3 team

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