Fuji Kindergarten and the Hanami

During the Midterm break, I had the opportunity to visit Japan. The main purpose of the trip is  to visit Fuji Kindergarten in Tokyo. Fuji Kindergarten is an amazing Kindergarten built in 2007 and designed by a brilliant architect Prof Takaharu Tezuka. Inspired by his own children, Tezuka built the school in an oval shape. The roof on the top of the building meant to use for kids to play and running around.

The oval school has two levels. First level is mainly classrooms with less wall. The second level is build for kids to run around in the circle. He built this, based on his philosophy that kids like to run in the circle. Kids are meant to be outside and let them be free.  Set less boundaries for them, and if they stumble and fall, they will naturally help each other.  His principle lead him to install the iconic building of this kindergarten : A glass house that is  built around growing trees, which they called as “Ring around the tree” and this tree has been my favorite thing to play with during my visit to this Kindergarten. I climbed the tree and tried to step on the hammock. It was too fun.  This is one of the children favorite playing areas as well.

Fuji Kindergarten experience 4 different seasons every year. And this time is spring time where the Hanami or cherry blossoms begin to bloom. It makes the school looks even more stunning.

The following night after the visit to Kindergarten, I had a chance to meet Prof Tezuka. It was wonderful night. We shared about our vision together and how to do our best to create playground for children. There would be a possibility that Prof Tezuka to  visit our school.

We are looking forward to work together with him at Green School.

“ The open building around the structures allows kids to make more risks, to taste danger in small doses in turn to help each other naturally “ – Takaharu Tezuka-

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