FUN ZUMBA FOR KIDS UPDATES | Come and Join Zumba for Kids!

Move! Move! Move along follow the songs! If you’ve been wondering what Zumba for Kids class is all about, come and join us! Zumba for Kids started at 3.30 pm until 4.30 pm every Wednesday in the Drama Room with Ibu Lidia. Students from Grade 1-5 are welcomed! Some spots are available.

A Zumba class will have your child dancing, singing and playing! A fun sport that involved body movement with fast rhythm music as the main activity and slow music as a closing (cooling down). Zumba is a great way to exercise, it is a full-body workout. From head movements to stretching to upper body exercise, Zumba will work out almost all of the main muscle groups and children will be able to feel that as they dance to the beat! Dancing and having fun in Zumba will lift the mood and make children happy so they will ready to face a lot of things the day after with a new spirit! Let’s get sweaty!

If you have any question or request related to ASAs Program please contact

Matur Suksema, Ibu Darwi, School Secretary & ASA Coordinator


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