G12 Update (Whoosh)

Dear Grade 12 Community,

As you receive whole school and High School community updates we wanted you to know that the Senior class of 2020, in particular, has been on our minds.

We understand that the loss of service trips was an initial let down for the students and these uncertain times may exasperate their anxieties about their final term at Green School. Our Seniors are extremely important to us and we want to protect these important last months and rites of passage such as prom, graduation, Green Stone and much more.

How does this look right now? We are not sure, but together we can help create a plan that is productive whilst also preventative, supportive and most importantly delivers a celebration of these seniors.

We wanted you to know that this is part of our discussions right now and we will be checking in with you as a class tomorrow.  It has been great watching you come into your power this year as Seniors. Let’s not lose the momentum and think of this as an opportunity for us to come closer together to co-create a unique and fantastic finish at Green School.  Whooshing you extra love during this time!

In Support — Kyle and HS Team


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