Gaia Amazonas: Teaching our MS and HS about the Importance of The Rain Forest

Green School recently hosted the director of Gaia Amazonas, Francis von Hildebrand and his brother, for a lecture on the work they have been doing. Gaia Amazonas is a non profit NGO operating out of Colombia, they have been committed to the protection of biological and cultural diversity and the future of the Amazon rain-forest since 1990. Their work involves supporting indigenous communities to document and share the diversity of knowledge systems and cultural practices for socio-environmental resilience. During their presentations to middle and high school they shared the importance of map making as one of the tools people use to build documentation of the inner-connectivity of different environmental processes, and how maps can be built through different lenses of the maker to give value and ownership of the land. Our very own Green School graduate Shanti Pockell will be joining their team on an internship this year and we wish her luck in her travels and service.

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