Gamelan Performance on Friday, Explorations in Division, Sports Day, and More!

Dear 3A Families,

We hope this blog post reaches you well and enjoying the lovely weather we have been experiencing!

We are in the midst of a busy week so just wanted to send some reminders all in one place, as well as include some photos of our current goings on in the classroom.

Thursday – Full Moon Ceremony, 8:30AM, students should be in full traditional dress. This is a reminder students should be in the classroom between 8-8:15am as normal. Students are welcome to bring in a change of clothing for after the ceremony ends.

Friday – Full School Assembly, with 3A performing gamelan with Pak Alex and Pak Aris! Come see their amazing work in music class! Friday is also House Sports Field Day — Grade 3 will be playing from 1:20-2:05. Students must wear closed toed running shoes, hats, and house colors. Students must also bring a water bottle as usual.

This week, we have been in busy building Ogoh Ogohs using the designs we made, learning about local food and how far our food travels, and improving our literature circle discussion skills. Our small reading groups have been occurring for a few weeks, and now that we are back to a normal schedule following our ISA’s, we can delve back into our discussions! In mathematics, we continue to emphasize multiplication fact practice as we delve into division and what it means to split a number into equal groups. We are excited to move into this next level of our math thinking and look forward to applying these skills when we approach our more complex, multi-step story problems.

Enjoy the photos and see you soon!


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