Garudas week ahead… tournament time!

Hello Garuda Fans,

Please see the attached schedule for Wednesday’s tournament.  I know it may be hard to understand, but please see the “key” at the bottom of the page for locations, leaving time, abbreviations, etc. for your reference.

Coaches: for the teams leaving at 12:30, please have your kids eat right away and if you need to leave later, please make sure you are pulling out by 12:45 latest.

The number of games and seedings were determined by season record and how many teams there were for each age level.  Hence, some will have more games than others.  The school hosting your age level will provide you with more information upon your arrivals if need be.  Please let me know of any further questions/concerns.

Good luck and have fun, Garudas AYO!

Best regards,


West Side Soccer Tournament 2018 – Sheet1


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