Geckos – End of Term 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Term 1 has come to an end. This term has been really wonderful and exciting to see how all of the children have grown in so many ways. It truly has been amazing.

This last week of school in Term 1 was such a great fun week. We ended this week by having a preparation for the Saraswati ceremony that will be held on Saturday. We made Gebogan (fruit offering) and the cone-shaped offering called Kwangen. The children also listened to a short story about the Saraswati celebration.

We had a special Art Class with Ibu Gena, the Primary Art Teacher, in the Art Room in Primary School. She told us a story about colours and how the primary colours make the secondary colours. We experimented with this concept through an art project.

Ibu Karen, the Head of Lower School (Early Years and Primary) visited us on Tuesday. She read a story and practised some tips about mindfulness (taking a deep breath in and out).

The children had a lot of fun playing on the bridge during a nature walk. We spent some more time there having Bahasa Class with Ibu Par and we created an ayam (chicken) art project by sticking each of the chicken’s body parts made from paper and colouring on it.

During P.W. Class, Pak Garrett and Pak Putu introduced a new game called “pirate game”. We were pretending to be pirates and we said “rrrrr”. We needed to run to a specific destination that had been set by the teachers. The children also had a lot of fun playing with the parachute.

Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry was also great fun and exciting. We sang “Row Row Row Your Boat” while holding boat pose and “The Wheels on the Bus” by laying down and moving our legs in a variety of movements to match the verses in the song.

We had our last Teman-Teman session with Grade 4 Putih on Friday morning. They visited us and brought their soft toys from their home and let us play with them. Then we went for a “treasure hunt” to find anything on the ground and to bring it back to the class. Terima kasih Grade 4 for playing with us and we hope to have some more great times in the future with all of you.

Pak Brett took us to plant more seeds during Green Studies Class. Gardening with the children is one of the crucial parts of their development as “Children of the Earth”. They can learn a lot through each step of gardening. The children collected the compost, spread the compost on the ground, planted the seeds, and watered it.

Next week, the school will be closed for the Mid-Semester break (Oct 15th – 21st). The school will resume on Monday, Oct 22nd and that will mark the beginning of Term 2.

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful holiday.

Best wishes

The Geckos

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