Geckos – Term 2 is here

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful as well as an adventurous break. We were so happy to see all of the joyful faces coming back to school and ready to have loads of fun learning together. The children were so excited to verbally share their experiences that happened during vacation when they spent time with their family and friends. Then they expressed it creatively through drawings.

The new thematic cycle for this term for the Lower School is about “Gifts From the Earth” and Geckos’ are focusing on “Plants Around Our School”. This thematic unit will be explored through stories and songs as well as art projects and experiential learning.  We went outside exploring plants and trees that grow around our playground as well as collecting leaves and sticks to create a tree art craft.

Our nature walk was great fun where the children were challenged to find plants or trees which grow flowers and/or fruits and just to look at them without touching it. We found out that lots of eggplants grow as well as many pink and orange flowers at Green Camp area.

We made Nastar cookies in Cooking Class with fresh pineapple jam inside. The children helped to roll the cookie dough into balls and filled them with the jam.

Mystery Guests visited us in the classroom on Wednesday morning. They were Noah’s baby brother, Jacob, and his Mom and his Aunt. Noah was really proud showing his baby brother to all of his friends and teachers. Jacob seemed very happy to be around us too and he showed his beautiful smiles to everyone in the class. Thank you for visiting us Noah and family! We love having Mystery Guests in our classroom so please contact one of the teachers if you would like to come tell a story, share an activity, etc. with the children during school. 9:00 AM during Morning Circle is the best time for Mystery Guests but we can also find another time if that does not work with your schedule.

The children practised partner yoga poses during Yoga Class as well doing yoga poses along with songs, such as “I Am Yoga”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Clap It.”

In P.W. Class, we played balancing games in which the children walked heel to toe following the one coloured line on the floor. We also played a fun game called “Caterpillar”. A group of three to four children walked together and each child walked in a hula hoop. They had to keep the hula hoop attached to each other. Pak Garrett and Pak Putu also set up three stations with obstacle games in each station, such as crawling through a tunnel, balancing, jumping on two feet, frog jumping, kangaroo jumping and hopping as well as bouncing and throwing balls.

Next week, we will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st. The Early Years will go Trick-or-Treating on that day, starting from 9 – 10 AM. Many thanks to all of the wonderful parent volunteers for helping to prepare stations for the circuit. If you would like to volunteer, please let one of the teachers know. It will be great if the children come to school wearing a costume to celebrate this holiday. Thank you for your support and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

The Geckos

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