Geckos Term 3 – Week 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

We hope that you are all having a great and relaxing weekend with family and friends. Our school week started with a visit to our new Library on Monday morning.  It is not in the Heart of School anymore and has moved even closer to us. The Geckos seemed so excited to visit this large space which also has a reading loft as well as to meet Ibu Ayu and Pak Andy. The students continue to enjoy selecting some books to bring and share for the class. If you would like to visit the Library, maybe your child can remember where it is! You are welcome to check out books together or separately to bring home.

Yoga Class

The Geckos had fun at our yoga studio with Ibu Rebecca, a Green School parent and yoga teacher, who was very kind to spend her time with the Geckos. She shared her amazing yoga poses about outer space and we tried poses such as comet, star, half moon, rock, butterfly, slide, table, cow, downward facing dog and more.

We kept our tradition and ended our class with yoga relaxing time (savasana) and rolled up our yoga mats afterwards.

Bahasa Indonesia and Budaya Indonesia

The Geckos continue to expand their vocabulary about animals (binatang) in Bahasa Indonesia. The children practiced these new words through stories, songs and games using flash cards.


We love making new friends! The Geckos had so much fun with our Teman-teman buddies from Grade 1 Merah. This is our weekly activity which currently takes place every Tuesday morning from 9:00 am-9:30. This time we played the whispering game in which each child tries to pass the message around the circle to each other. Guess what the message was? It was “I love you”…. how nice to say these words to our friends. Thank you Grade 1 Merah. See you next week.

Thematic Learning

We are exploring “Amazing Animals” and this week we focused on farm animals. The children created sheep by using recycled materials and cotton. The Geckos also made a chicken with a range of materials and did not hesitate to join in.

We had the chance to visit and work together with the I-Hub ( Innovation hub) team which is also a great link with our thematic lesson. The students colored their animals that were designed by the I-Hub team using a special machine.  Thank you I-Hub team and we are excited to come back and visit again.

Music Class

During music class, we had a wonderful time while learning a new Indonesian song. Pak Aris introduced us to “Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita” song  (If not us then who?). Pak Aris also serenaded us with a bamboo flute (seruling bambu), playing a special tune Balinese style. We are excited to learn this new song.

Green Studies

The Geckos had another adventure with Ibu Pera and Ibu Nicolene. We went on a nature treasure hunt as well as feeding the butterflies. Ibu Nicolence brought us a mango that she found on her way to our classroom, and she cut the mango and tied it to a coconut tree (pohon kelapa). She told us that butterflies might love to eat that sweet mango. We hope they found it.

What kind of presents do you think Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera love? Any creatures or gifts from earth, such as dead insects, seeds, plants and shells that you find on your way would be the best presents for them and they will stick it on their display board like a museum exhibition.

 Cooking Class

Our weekly cooking class is getting more fun as our cooking skills improve and our confidence grows. We are continuing to explore how to cook a variety of foods, both international and Indonesian style. This week the Geckos made “lumpia” (spring rolls). The students engaged in all of the steps, such as slicing the vegetables, mixing the ingredients, rolling them with the lumpia wraps and finally washing all the utensils and cutting boards. Here is another chance for us to learn some more Indonesian vocabulary…. the ingredients used were sprouts (toge), cabbage (kol), carrot (wortel), salt (garam), garlic (bawang putih) and onion (bawang merah). Believe us, it was delicious (enak)!

P.W. Class

Pak Garrett and Pak Putu set some stations in the Gym for us to explore. We also had a chance to play the game, “What is the time Mr. Wolf ?”. The students eagerly spent almost an hour at the Gym. They were excited to try all the stations.


Selamat ulang tahun

Selamat ulang tahun

Selamat ulang tahun Margherita

Selamat ulang tahun”

We had a special celebration for Margherita’s 4th birthday and she got a special birthday crown! Hip hip hooray!  I am 4 years old!!

Rainy season often brings more mosquitoes. We are more than happy to reapply the mosquito spray (repellent) so please pack one in your child’s bag and let us know. Please pack a  raincoat or umbrella for your child. The school now also provides hand sanitizer to be used after we wash our hands. Stay healthy and safe everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you back to have more fun and great journeys at school Thank you so much for all of your support.

Best regards,

The Geckos Team

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