Geckos – Term 3 Week 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week was full of excitement and fun activities. The relationships between the children in the class as well as within the whole Early Years have been closely forming in so many ways. We continued having fun with our Teman-teman and we were invited to come to Grade 5 Merah space. One of our friends from Grade 5, Nacho, came on Monday morning to our classroom and he led the way to his classroom. It was such an adventurous walk, going downstairs on so many steps. They taught us to play a game called “Pass the Message”. It was the first time we played this game so we need more practice to be better in that game. We also played the game “Hide and Seek” in their classroom. It was so much fun finding unknown places to hide in that new space. 🙂


We celebrated Chinese New Year this week through creating arts and crafts, such as a Chinese-style dragon. Since this year is the year of pig, the children also collaboratively helped to colour in the pig picture.

During Drama Class with Ibu Marvelina, we were invited to acknowledge our own feelings by expressing it through gestures not words, for example, sad, happy, sleepy, and other feelings that we felt in that moment. We also played a game in which we pretended to be an animal chosen by Ibu Marvelina. When she said “go”, we moved like that animal. When she said “stop”, we froze. When she said “drop”, we slowly went down to the floor like ice cream that melts slowly down. Then, guess what? We turned into monsters, such as the two-headed, four-headed, and the twelve-headed monster. The challenge was that we had to hold hands together, face backwards, and move without letting go of the other hands. It was a really pleasant time in the class.

Allowing the children to take care of animals also teaches the children how to take care of themselves and others as well as builds empathy. During a nature walk, we walked down under the Yoga Studio to the Aquaponics site. The children were so happy seeing the fish in the ponds and excited to feed them. They said that the fish were hungry because they ate all of the food that we gave them.

Pak Garrett and Pak Putu set up the stations during P.W. class in order to foster their gross motor skills development. The children played bouncing, kicking, and throwing balls as well as practised jumping, hopping, and crawling.

In our thematic lesson, we talked about animals that live on the farm as well as animals that come from eggs.  We created a chick craft. The teacher showed us an egg-shaped (oval) paper and told a story about a chick who hatches from the egg. The children were challenged to wrap up the paper with yarn. Then they attached the eyes, beak, and feet (made from paper) using glue.

The children practised conscious breathing by taking deep breaths in and breathing out whilst saying everybody’s name, one by one, during Music Class with Pak Brett, Pak Dan, and Ibu Dessy. Pak Dan then taught us a song about cows. Some of the children had a chance to share their favourite colour and we used the colours as the cow’s colours. The class then ended with a freeze dance party.

Our weekly Library visit this week was with Ibu Ayu who always reads us a story and Pak Andy who helps us to check out books to borrow for our class. 🙂

In Budaya Indonesia Class, Ibu Par told us an Indonesian folklore entitled, “Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih”. We also created an art craft, “kue mangkok” (cupcake), by colouring and decorating the cupcake pictures to make our own kue mangkok. 

Yoga Class this week focused on practising yoga poses through stories and attempting some partner yoga poses. The children chose a friend to be their partner and they worked together to help each other to do the poses. The class began with a warm up session where the children moved their bodies together to make a pizza as well as a big flower. We practised some poses, such as table, snake, child, and chair poses.

Next week, on Tuesday, February 12th, we will have a potluck breakfast party with the whole Early Years community. All Early Years families are invited to join their children and classroom teachers for a fun potluck style breakfast from 8:15 am-9:30 am. Please bring something healthy to share. (Fruit, baked goods or pre-made smoothies are great!) We are unable to heat/cook anything there so whatever you bring should be ready to eat. We will provide banana leaf plates and some cutlery but please bring your own serving utensils. Please label your food if it contains meat as we have some vegetarians in our community. We also have a nut allergy and a chocolate allergy so please also label if your food contains any type of nuts or chocolate. The breakfast will take place in the Kindy outside eating area and children will be welcome to play inside or outside (in the Kindy area) during that time.

On Thursday, the school will celebrate V-Day. The Early Years students will attend the special assembly at Sangkep, which will start at 9 am. Please arrive on time on that day so we have some time to play in the morning and settle in as well as to get ready for the assembly.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm wishes,

The Geckos


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