Geckos – Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents and Friends,

We are excitedly counting down to the annual celebration, the Balinese New Year, Nyepi. Green School will celebrate this special day by taking part in one of the events called Pengerupukan by doing Ogoh-ogoh  parade around school area and the neighbourhood. For the preparation, the Geckos were working on the Ogoh-ogoh by sticking used paper on it. The children didn’t mind to dip their hands in the glue mixture and get their hands sticky.

Our class Ogoh-ogoh shirt design had been chosen from one of the children’s drawing. The teachers helped to decorate the shirt by painting on it by using the design. A name for our Ogoh-ogoh has also been chosen. We decided to name it “Kupu-kupu Pelangi” (Rainbow butterfly).

In Cooking Class this week, we made a very delicious dish that we enjoyed eating it with our lunch. We made baked potato wedges. The children helped to cut the potato. With hard work, everybody was able to cut the potato into smaller pieces which was a little bit tricky to do but everyone rose to the challenge to try.

Pak Brett took us to the garden infront of the upper Kindy classroom and we helped to dig the soil by using shovels. We were helping to build teepee garden by preparing the soil and Pak Brett later in the week planted plant passion fruit and long beans with the Kindy Kids. It is an Early Years team project! Pak Brett also weeded the lemon grass and shared it with the children, what a delicious smell it has.  We also got some purple flowers called Butterfly peas and used them to make a magic potion. The water started blue and when Pak Brett put a drop of lemongrass sap into the mix it changed the colour to purple! Magic!

We, again, went to Kembali to find some more materials for our Ogoh-ogoh as part of our nature walk. We did not find much that we could use except for some old magazines but we had lots of fun going there. We learned that the things people don’t use anymore can be used by someone else and for something else.

During P.W class on Wednesday and Thursday, Pak Putu set three stations with many activities to strengthen our gross motor skills. Here are some snapshots from this week P.W sessions:

We had so much fun playing  in our classroom. We played sorting a colours game. Everybody was super enthusiastic collecting and sorting the wooden blocks based on the colour they chose. Then at the end, we counted the wooden blocks that we collected, touching each block as we said the number.

Our Teman-teman session with Grade 5 Merah was another great fun time we had this week. Everybody was getting comfortable meeting and spending time with each other.

In Bahasa Indonesia Class, we played the “What’s missing” game and learned more about fruits in Bahasa Indonesia.

Pak Dan and Pak Brett introduced a new song during Music Class. The song was called “Pajama”, which was about the lost pajama and we were looking for it. Each child guessed who might took the pajama (an animal) and he/she had to make the sound the animal then everybody else followed it.  The class then ended with a freeze dance.

We did a lot of movement during Yoga Class with Ibu Kadek and Ibu Pitri. Ibu Cherry was not at school today because she was not feeling well. The children danced to the “stretching song” and “move and freeze” kids song. Then we played a “musical yoga mat” dance.  When the music played, the children did free dance, and when the music stopped the children had to find a mat and do one yoga pose of their choice. The excited thing was every time the music stopped, there were two missing yoga mats, so if the children didn’t find a yoga mat, they needed to sit out of the game and spot their friend’s poses.

We are looking forward for the Ogoh-ogoh parade next Tuesday, March 5. The assembly will start at 1 pm at the Gym with award ceremony for the Ogoh-ogoh. At 1.30 pm, the Ogoh-ogoh parade will start from the field. The Early Years and Primary Grades 1 & 2 will parade the Ogoh-ogoh from the field then out of the entrance to cross road and back to Green School. We also would like to invite our Geckos’ Mommies and Daddy to join the parade as we need helps in carrying our beautiful “Kupu-kupu Pelangi”.

For the Ogoh-ogoh parade, it is encouraged that each child wear sarong. Please also pack sport shoes and a hat as will be wearing them during the parade.

School will be closed next week from Wednesday, March 6th – Friday, March 8th in observance of Nyepi Holiday. If you plan to stay at your Bali house during Nyepi, please prepare yourself with food and beverage ready at your house prior to the day because all the stores and public places will be closed.

Here is a glance about the series of Nyepi rituals. It takes place from 3-4 days beforehand, such as:

  1. Begins with the ritual of Melasti  which is performed at the beaches. Melasti is meant to purify sacred objects belonging to the temples and acquire sacred water from the sea. Most villages will do it on Monday, March 4th and some also on Tuesday, March 5th. So if you are around and about, there might be a lot of traffic jams on these days.

  2. Penegrupukan which will falls on Wednesday, March 5th. It is the day when people will do Ogoh-Ogoh parades all over Bali.  At the end of the parade, the Ogoh-ogoh are burnt to destroy the evil spirit Bhuta Kala.

  3. Nyepi (silence day), on Thursday, March 7th, is a day that is reserved for meditation and self-reflection. Anything that may interfere with this silence and thought is, therefore, strictly prohibited.  Nyepi mandates a day of absolute quiet, so it’s prohibited to light fires or any lights, to do all forms of physical work, to travel or go outside of the house, and to do all forms of entertainment, recreations or general merry making. Even the internet will be off!

  4. Ngembak Geni, on Friday, march 8th. This is when Balinese Hindus visit families, neighbours and relatives to exchange forgiveness and spend time together as a family.

Stay healthy and we hope you have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Geckos

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