Geckos Term 3 Week 8: Happy Full Moon

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week started by having a visit to the library and then we continued the day with an amazing full moon ceremony at our school temple. This month the full moon is known as Purnama Kesanga in Balinese, the 9th full moon of the year. The students made the flowers offering called kwangen and dressed up in their ceremony clothes. They paraded to the temple and joined our Starling friends for the blessing. The fun was not finished as the Geckos also had a great time to stretch their bodies at the yoga studio with Ibu Cherry. They also used their magic eyes to spot a baby gecko on the floor.


We had a great time with our Teman-teman buddies from Grade 1 Merah. This time, our buddies spent time to play with us inside and outside the classroom. They also helped us to make paper balls for our Ogoh-ogoh project.        Terima kasih Grade 1 Merah. See you again soon.

Music Class

Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris showed the Geckos some techniques to play the the keyboard and then the children had a chance to play the keyboard. We also enjoyed singing in Bahasa Indonesia as well as the Happy Birthday song for Ibu Pitri.

Can you spot any buah-buahan (fruit) around us?

As we walked back to the classroom after music class, the Geckos saw some fruit growing on the trees around us, including pisang, pepaya and kelapa. Please ask your child for the English translation for these fruits. On another day, the Geckos played a game in Bahasa Indonesia to learn about the fruit labels in the cubbies.  We played the game “Buah apa di cubby mu?” The teacher rolled the ball to a student and that child went to check their cubby to see what fruit sign is there.

Ogoh-ogoh Project

The Geckos helped  to wrap the Ogoh-ogoh with newspaper. It is so wonderful to see them engaged in this collaborative project. We have to be patient as it takes a lot of work.

Green Studies

The Geckos went on an adventure near the compost station to help Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera find some baby plants. They found some mango plants and rambutan plants as well other creatures around the rice field.

Happy Birthday Ibu Pitri

The Geckos sang Happy Birthday to Ibu Pitri. They showered Ibu Pitri with love. We hope she had a wonderful day.. We love you.

T-shirt project and Mystery Guest

The Geckos worked together to design their own t-shirt.  We used natural dye made out of turmeric and beetroot. The children excitedly helped to cut the turmeric and beetroot.

One of the best parts of this project was our mystery guest who came to help us. The Geckos collaborated with Pak Rob (Bailey’s Dad ) to work on this project. We tied the shirts with rubber bands to make a special pattern and then dipped them in the dye. Thank you Pak Rob.

P.W. Class

The Geckos had so much fun at the Gym with Pak Putu and Pak Garrett.  They moved like animals when the music started and froze when the music stopped. The teachers also set up games, such as flat tire, around the block and walk the dog.

“What is the time Mr. Wolf/ Mrs. Wolf” game is still requested each class.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had such a lovely time meeting and talking with the parents today as we eagerly and proudly shared about our amazing children in E.Y. especially in Geckos.  Thank you for making this possible.

Thank you so much for all your support. Have a great weekend everyone.

Best wishes,

The Geckos Team


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