Geckos – Term 4 Week 2 – Nature Fun

Dear Parents,

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”


This is our beautiful painting done collaboratively with Mother Earth. Look around you, you will find many things to create art with! Tap, tap, splash, splash, stamp, stamp…

Happy Birthday Mother Earth! We love you!

This fun week started with birthday celebration to Mother Earth! Holding a party for Mother Earth birthday could be really fun to do with special costumes on. We shared our grateful message all about Mother Earth, the food we eat, air, water, trees even the playground, some friends thought about giving Mother Earth a surprise present.


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

– Gary Snyder-

How does it feel to stretch a rubber band?  What about if we create an art out of rubber bands?

Hhmm rubber bands around the paper?   What was it going to be?

It was a handy nature pocket. We stretched rubber bands around our fingers, toes, legs, hands, then put them around the paper. We excitedly went on the nature hunt around the campus and near the bridge, we found colourful leaves, different sizes of sticks and flowers. A big happy smile came from everybody’s face when they attached their nature treasure to the pockets.

We wished we could see the cows, we were wondering where the cows had gone that day ?

Not only nature pocket, can you think of something else created from nature?

We had been collecting some sticks, some were short, and some were long with a unique pattern and a varied texture. These sticks were no longer ordinary sticks, we tied some sticks together to create some extraordinary shapes.

What shapes can you spot? Yup triangle, square, and rectangle. Next, with our partner, we chose the string then rolled the string around them. They looked amazing!

Drama class

On Monday at drama class, we enjoyed playing skeleton game. Ibu Marvelina was the skeleton and our feet were all glued on the floor. Ibu Marvelina’s job was to catch and turn everybody into skeleton, the only thing you could do to escape was sending the skeleton to different friends by saying their name. We happily acted stories about “The Adventure of the Mouse deer” that Ibu Marvelina shared. It was all about how clever the mouse deer escaped and tricked the wild, hungry crocodiles and tigers.

Cooking class

We cooked yummy food, mac and cheese. We practiced our cooking skills by cutting some vegetables into small sizes and grating the cheese. We also learnt some Indonesian words during cooking time for example, wortel (carrot), keju (cheese).

Grade 1

Our friends from Grade 1 came to read us some books. Thank you Grade 1, we loved your stories.   Some friends chose to read outside on the playground close to nature which was extremely fun.

Green Science class

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

-William Shakespeare-

Pak Brett brought special baby plants, onions to add to our garden. We helped to dig and find good spaces for the onions to grow with enough good soil, water, and sun-light.

PW Class

Ready to stretch in superhero movement? We exercised in a different kind of movement, jumping jack, throwing, catching, kicking, and bouncing. Let’s get healthy and strong!

Bahasa Indonesia Class

Our theme for Bahasa Indonesia is family or “keluarga”. We learnt the words Ibu (mother), Ayah/bapak (father), Adik (younger sibling) and Kakak (older sibling). We had a moment to think of our family and drew them.

We were super happy to have the race car, which car was the fastest?.

Who lived under the bridge?

Loose part play, what should we create?

Where is Fred Dragon? Is he in Geckos classroom?

Look at this sweet friendship growing!

See you later Alligator

The Geckos Team


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